London is one of the premiere business cities in the world. Consequently, office space in London is a must have for any industry. By acquiring London office space, business owners gain access to all that the city has to offer; status, marketing, networking, financial institutions, youthful talent and much more.

The largest deterrent that businesses face when it comes to obtaining a central London office is the cost of the office space. That's not to say that there is not affordable space out there, but it can be a daunting task to find affordable space that fits your businesses' needs. Before you start looking, there are many points to consider. How much can you afford? How many employees do you currently have and do you plan on expanding? How important is it for your space to be next to a tube stop? How many conference rooms are you looking for? The list of questions can seem endless and can lead to a company either not making the move or, even worse, moving into a space that does not meet its needs.

For ambitious companies who are looking for office space in Central London, acquiring the services of an office space/commercial estate agent is crucial in finding an affordable space that will meet your business needs. Commercial property agents can help you sift through the numerous factors that go into searching for office space and help you decide which factors are the most important. Once you find the right agent, the rest of the process becomes significantly more manageable.

If you are looking for office space in London, it is crucial that you find an agent that has full coverage of the central London area. There are many commercial estate companies in the industry that only have access to certain buildings within London. If a business owner uses an commercial property agent with limited access, that owner is forced to eliminate many prime spaces that could be a great fit for their company. A wide selection is key, when looking for potential office space in London.

Other agents may have access to many properties in the area, but they are given that access with the understanding from the building owners that they will negotiate the highest price they can from the tenants. When looking for an agent, business owners would be wise to make sure and find one that guarantees that they will negotiate only on behalf of the tenants. Without this guarantee, the agent's motivation completely changes and will be more interested in placing the tenant into the most expensive space for the highest commission.

It is also important to find an agent that respects your time. Some agents may try and show an owner only one property at a time, or even worse, multiple properties that are far away from each other. Owners looking for office space should try and find an agent that will respect their time by showing them multiple spaces that are close to each other within a given time frame. DeVono only represent tenants and will save you time and money through your business relocation project.

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