For those businesses considering moving to London, making a commercial property investment can make the decision easier and the prospect more attractive. The current economic climate is ideal for allowing property investments to pay dividends for years to come. Under these circumstances, consulting with an agent who is an expert in commercial investment property is advisable. Particularly within London, commercial property investment has important subtleties that are best understood and leveraged with the aid of an office space and commercial estate agent. 

The Benefits of Buying

The tumultuous developments in the financial world over the past year have led to significant opportunities, particularly in real estate. Prices have fallen significantly and many property owners have found themselves in situations where they must sell. Furthermore, because of the pressure that has been put on the banks, many borrowers are more anxious than ever to conclude transactions quickly. The result of these factors is that the downward pressure on real estate prices has remained in place and deals are available. 

While certain industry analysts have warned that the commercial sector has not yet bottomed, predictions for additional declines are modest. In many cases, with careful planning and advice, additional declines may be avoidable. The particular advantage available to businesses is that commercial real estate serves multiple purposes in this context. The investment angle is undeniable, but so is the functional advantage. London is a major world center of commerce and the opportunity to move into this market presents unparalleled business opportunities. For the first time in many years, businesses are able to secure strategic locations that were previously prohibitively expensive. 

The final advantage is that by purchasing investment property, the value of the business will increase through passive as well as active means. Where many businesses must rent (still an attractive option within London), the ability to acquire property is of significant advantage. In addition to building equity, property may ultimately a source of borrowing when business expansion requires the injection of capital. 

The Reasons to Work With a Property Investment Expert

Whether you are looking to purchase property or lease, employing an office space and commercial real estate agent affords certain advantages. At DeVono we act independently of property owners and landlords. Because our allegiance is with the investor rather than the property owner, it is possible to get better service and assistance with important matters. 

The location and physical office space in london that is occupied by a business has a significant impact on how that business is perceived and on its ability to put its own expertise into the market. Trends in the office space arena ebb and flow, as in any active market, as our agents are steeped in this environment regularly, we can adequately gauge critical nuances. At DeVono we will act as an integral part of your success as we significantly increase the probability that a given business will be well-suited to its space. After the proprietors, the office space and location have the single greatest impact on a business's success. Getting the benefit of expertise is the prudent approach.

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