We know that, for many of our clients, finding the right office space - whilst vitally important - is only a part of their plan for talent. Inspiring the right people to join them - and ensuring that the workplace environment encourages them to stay are key key to a successful people strategy too.

Recognising the complexity of the talent challenge, we have partnered with Jobbio, a careers marketplace and inbound hiring platform that helps the best talent find the right jobs. More than 6,000 companies are currently hiring through Jobbio, who have an active candidate pool of over 2 million people. Their approach to jobs marketing is unique and is designed to attract a higher calibre of applications from more relevant and qualified candidates. The Jobbio platform allows employers to showcase their office environment at its very best, making the most of their investment into accommodation.


On average we spend 260 days in the workplace each year. It is no surprise that part of a candidate’s research into a prospective company includes looking at the office and its location. Our experience is that the office environment is one of the greatest assets in attracting and retaining talent. Jobbio, uses a mix of videos, blogs or image galleries you can pique the candidate interest straight away, giving employer brands a boost and differentiating them from the crowd.


Having found and showcased the perfect workplace, how do employers find the perfect people? Inbound hiring is a strategy that creates a continuous flow of incoming candidates by leveraging the principles of inbound marketing. It focuses on attracting, engaging and converting candidates by building relationships rather than just applications. Jobbio’s approach sets out to create a candidate experience that people enjoy.

Jobbio experts work with employers to create a strategy that includes every element of their company. Research shows that 78% of candidates look at an employer’s reputation before applying. With this in mind, what better way to attract talent than to curate a profile showcasing your brand, your people, your culture and importantly your workplace.

The team at DeVono would be happy to introduce you to our partners Jobbio, or contact Laurence Sangarde-Brown direct at laurence@jobbio.com.




By Aoife Geary, Jobbio

Developing a strong company culture is critical in attracting the best talent to your organisation. Today’s candidates are looking for more than just a pay cheque, they want a job that aligns with their values and facilitates their career development. To appeal to these candidates, employers need to become more adept at promoting what’s unique about their company. One element of company culture that’s often overlooked is the physical working environment. The workplace and its amenities can have a huge impact on talent attraction and retention. It’s important to realise the value your workspace can add to your employee experience.

As the workforce continues to evolve, businesses should ensure that the workplace is evolving too. Aligning the workspace with what today’s talent is looking for. To help you attract the best people to your organisation, you first need to understand their motivations and what makes them happy. When we’re happy in our roles, we’re more productive, more creative and more successful. Jobbio’s Work Happy Index sheds light on what candidates need in order to work happy. Responses to the annual survey highlight a number of areas that employers could focus on.


Research by Jobbio, shows that freedom and flexibility are top priorities for talent - both when looking for new roles and looking to improve their current ones. How does your workplace offer freedom to its employees? Are they confined to their desk for the working day or are there also communal spaces where they can work from? Companies like Airbnb have introduced flexible desk options where employees are free to work from any area in the office rather than having an assigned seat.


As freelance or project-based work become more common, so too does the need for workspaces that facilitate team building and collaboration. Breakout areas where teams can hold working sessions and communicate openly are crucial. An open plan office design can lead to freer exchange of ideas and better channels of communication cross-functionally. Ultimately, more open discussion leads to better cohesion which leads to happier, more productive teams. For teams to really flourish, consider incorporating secluded areas or single pods for work that requires high concentration and no distractions.


A green office space can be a big draw for talent. Millennials and centennials in particular are more environmentally aware than older generations and want to work in an eco-friendly space. Think about what green policies you can implement that would show your commitment to a more sustainable working environment. Adding a bike rack to the office, using clearly labelled recycling bins or switching to LED bulbs are all small but impactful ways to affect change in the workplace.


The future of work has arrived and with it the need for businesses to adapt to new technologies This means that workers need to adopt a learning mindset if they are to keep abreast of tech updates. The physical workplace can play a vital role here with employees requiring areas to build on their skills or share knowledge. Jobbio’s research shows that 85% of people want to pursue upskilling opportunities in 2019. Does your office have enough areas that could be used for such learning? Bean bags and work-pods are great but meeting rooms that could host workshops or guest lectures are better. Ultimately, employees who are happy in their working environments are more engaged, more productive and more likely to stay in a company long term. Investing in your physical workspace and facilities may seem like a daunting task at first but it can be what sets you apart from other companies when competing for talent.