Considered and Collaborative

Working with the wider team brings a balance of practicality and functionality to the workplace


They say time flies when you are having fun, it certainly has his year. As we reflect on the year so far, we look back on a number of projects that we are incredibly proud to have been involved with. They helped evolve our view of the market, current design trends and fundamentally what commercial tenants want from their workplace.


Large deals will always grab the headlines and capture the markets attention, yet it is those tenants taking space in the 1,500-10,000 sq ft size range have been particularly active over the past six months. It is these businesses that tend to be more open to experimentation, having the flexibility to push boundaries with design, functionality and working practices. In part, the greater prominence of flexible and serviced office offerings has opened the eyes to what is possible in workplace design and what inspirational spaces could look like. For most, the overriding priority for clients remains securing a property in a location and building that represents their culture.




More and more the businesses that we are working with have an elevated understanding and interest in workplace dynamics and the associated benefits. As a design and build provider, this has enabled us to work in a more collaborative way. Taking such a joined-up approach in the client journey, one which starts at the property search phase, allows us to integrate clients and their ideas at an early stage. Occupiers seeking advice at this point do so in order to identify savings and achieve the best product at the best budget.

An increase in a tenant’s property awareness, early interaction and also current market forces have spurred landlords to become a lot more engaged and creative with their assets.

I don’t recall a time when landlords have been this active. We are seeing a rise of the Cat A+ solution, flexible leases, part-furnished offices and a greater willingness to show flexibility. This stance is encouraging for those tenants committing to new leases and making brave and often bold decisions despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the economy. With the right preparation, collaboration and advice, the client journey should be hassle-free and incredibly rewarding.


Indoor slides, ball ponds and out-and-out wacky additions are out. Considered design and purposeful messaging have taken the place of quirky and busy workplaces. A clean finish, allowing spaces to breathe and providing the incoming workforce the opportunity to make their stamp on the office are now the hallmarks of contemporary design.

This is not just aspirational, this is what we have helped deliver to our clients, Red Bull in their new HQ in Seven Dials near Covent Garden, London. Being able to deliver a unique and design-led workspace that will evolve over time is the epitome of this fresh approach that businesses are taking.

We are delivering incredible canvasses on which our clients can make their mark and grow their businesses. As the dynamics of the modern workforce and in turn the design of the office continues to evolve, our designers will be on that journey with the client, using design to get the best out of a space. Whether this means downsizing, staying static or expansion – we are delivering the expertise and experience to create that future space.



Joseph Gillam, Senior Director, Dthree