Think of the service charge as the offset cost that the landlord incurs for providing all of the services to your building and demise, plus the cost of maintaining all areas of the building you occupy up to the start of your actual demise.

At DeVono we have a team of experts in the field of service charge analysis and negotiation. The first thing that we do is check your lease to establish the extent of your liability that can be recovered by your landlord through the service charge.

We will then inspect your service charge demands and the accounts that the landlord has provided you with and thereafter provide you with expert analysis and advice on current costs, historic costs and future costs to be charged by the landlord.

We have a unique strategy which looks at every aspect of the service charge regime at a building, including service charge certificates, budgets, sinking funds and apportionments. We act on behalf of the tenant only and we are motivated by nothing other than to reduce your existing service charge costs, whilst at the same time ensuring the landlord-tenant relationship is maintained and the landlord continues to provide the essential services.

Allowing us to represent you and save you money allows you to concentrate on what you do best...running your business.

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