At DeVono, we know cost saving is a hot topic for all businesses. So, we are pleased to offer our existing clients a consultancy service to ensure you are not overpaying commercial service charges on your business premises.

What is a Service Charge?

A service charge is imposed by the landlord to cover the cost of servicing the rental property. It covers the cost of all the management services provided by the landlord, including both exterior and internal components of the property. Usual management services provided consist of all of the elements that help run a commercial office building. 

Service Charges in Commercial Property

The exact management services the service charge covers will vary depending on the premises and the landlord, but will be outlined to tenants in a service charge statement. The age and construction of a premise, in addition to the standard of the commercial property will affect the service charges. 

What does DeVono’s Service Charge Consultancy include?

At DeVono we have experienced service charge experts who will act on your behalf to obtain a reduction in your existing commercial service charge costs, while ensuring the landlord continues to provide you with essential management services that you require to run your commercial premises.

Our service charge consultancy also includes:

  • Expert analysis and advice on all aspects of service charges
  • Analysis of current costs, historic costs or future costs to be delivered by the landlord
  • Expert analysis and advice on service charge certificates, budgets, sinking funds and apportionments

Contact our Service Charge Specialist

For a no obligation discussion with our service charge specialist please contact us at or by calling 0207096 9911.

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