DeVono specialise in advising commercial property occupiers in the vital part of a relocation decision and specific works which includes Supplier Assessment, Selection and Engagement. DeVono have a track record of working with many types of third party suppliers and continue to revalue their positive and negative attributes so that our clients only work with suitable providers. Every project is different and requires DeVono’s incite and ability to provide the most relevant contractors to tender to provide a fair and open selection process, however DeVono is very open to allowing our clients to propose their own suppliers into any tender process.

Part of the process beyond this is a bid evaluation with the main purpose to determine the best responsive bid, in accordance with the evaluation and selection methodology, among the bids submitted before the bid closing time on the date specified in the bid solicitation.

The responsive bid offering the best value to our clients may or may not necessarily be the one with the lowest price. In order to accurately determine best value, a logical systematic evaluation procedure covering all aspects of the evaluation process must be followed.

Before starting the actual technical and financial evaluation of bids, it is necessary to ensure that all the information required at bid closing is available and ready to be transmitted to the evaluators. It is the responsibility of DeVono to determine whether the bids received are complete, as specified in the bid solicitation, before further detailed evaluation of the bids is undertaken.

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