Our Approach to ESG

Climate change is the most significant long-term challenge facing the planet. At DeVono, we recognise that we must play our role in helping to reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainable solutions. We are a responsible business that places sustainability at the core of all our work and decision-making. We are well aware of the impact of office buildings on carbon emissions, and our role in advising clients on ensuring that their workplace is as environmentally friendly as possible. We take pride in factoring in sustainability and corporate social responsibility as a core component of all decisions we make as an organisation.

Making the right choices

For DeVono, success is not defined merely by a client signing a lease. We recognise that workplaces can significantly impact a customer or employee’s perception of an organisation. Many companies seek to ensure that their office reflects their values and their unique culture – this is certainly true of DeVono. The expectations of both staff and clients have risen, with businesses expected to ensure that they have an effective sustainability strategy in place. In our own offices, we continuously strive to reduce waste and emissions.

Creating bespoke ESG strategies

The location, size, and design of office space continue to be at the top of the list of commercial real estate priorities for occupiers. However, research continues to unveil the significance of the environmental, social, and governance performance of private industry, as consumers hold, correctly, businesses to account for their commitments to these key performance drivers. Many companies are now devising strategies that seek to ensure their business is more sustainable, inclusive and, environmentally conscious. DeVono can support you to ensure that your organisation’s real estate strategy aligns with your business’ sustainability and core values. We believe in working with clients to understand their needs, before delivering customised real estate strategies that facilitate environmental, social, and governance performance.

Design responsibly

DeVono’s design and build team, Dthree Studio, are trained experts at helping organisations understand and then maximise sustainability in their office design. The team at Dthree Studio provides step-by-step plans to help organisations design a more environmentally friendly office, and focus on sourcing the most sustainable materials to do so. The team has helped many clients realise their sustainability aspirations in buildings that have achieved BREEAM Outstanding, SKA Gold, and LEED Gold ratings. Additionally, all of Dthree Studio’s designers are in the process of becoming WELL accredited.

DeVono is the UK's leading occupier-only consultancy firm and a proud partner of, the world's number one tenant advisory firm. We specialise in providing real estate solutions to support our client's specific business objectives. Ensuring that an organisation is becoming more sustainable is a key business objective for many companies. At DeVono, we can help you succeed as you strive to ensure a sustainable real estate strategy.

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