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5 Reasons You Should Rent a Serviced Office in Shoreditch

You’re looking for that perfect office space for your business, but how do you know you’ve found the right one? Where is the best place to locate your company? Each area has its own positive attributes, but you must find the one that matches the needs of your organisation.

Shoreditch is located in the east of London and is part of the Borough of Hackney. Also known as ‘Tech City’, it is already the home of various companies that take advantage of the range of benefits this area has to offer. It is also becoming a more popular location for businesses and residents in London.

If you are looking at serviced offices in Shoreditch, DeVono can help you to find the one that best suits your needs and that of your business. Whether you need access to the nearby train stations or want to be in the centre itself, we are here to find the perfect space you need. Find out why you should look into the serviced offices to rent in Shoreditch.

Reasons to have an office in Shoreditch

1) Scope to hire new and existing talented people

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When looking for new office space, it can help businesses to consider their future goals and aspirations, as well as how the company can grow. However, this can only happen if you find the right person for the job.

With an east London office space, the nearby talent that you can choose from and welcome into your business is abundant. With its location between the City of London and a range of residential neighbourhoods, as well as having several universities in the surrounding areas, there are so many professionals and graduates who can help your company to thrive and grow. There are also a variety of recruitment agencies located in this part of London, making it the ideal place to find the best staff for your expanding business.

2) Cheaper commercial rental properties

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It is no secret that some areas of London can be very expensive, but they don’t all have to be. As it is set in the east of the city, Shoreditch commercial spaces can be cheaper to rent than other London office spaces, located in areas such as in the City of London or Soho, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits in the city without breaking the bank. This makes it a great location for a range of companies to set up their offices, including start-up businesses.

The offices in this area come in a range of shapes and sizes due to the types of buildings they are in, which can partially result in their cheaper rental prices. With warehouses being converted into commercial spaces, creative businesses can find unique and quirky workplaces to make their own.

3) Strong sense of community


Your office location is not just about the office itself but also its surroundings, and Shoreditch has a strong sense of community for you to immerse yourself into both during and outside of work hours. Shoreditch, London finds itself bursting with trendsetters and creative young people, many of whom require a creative workspace for their work and ideas. We have many office spaces available which are perfect for creative spirits and provide the perfect environments to get those creative juices flowing.

Not only that but Shoreditch hosts an array of events which can be the perfect opportunity for businesses to meet and network with like-minded people. Even outside of networking, there are lots of vintage and design companies in Shoreditch that support each other, which promotes that community feeling in business as well as socially.

4) Great amenities

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We have already established that there are plenty of talented people and office spaces available in this area of London, but it doesn’t end there. Shoreditch has plenty of amenities that you can experience and enjoy, both with your colleagues and with clients.

This part of the city is filled with bars and restaurants that you can utilise, ideal for staff nights out and spending time with the team. Additionally, there are plenty of street food vendors and coffee shops located throughout the area that you can use when speaking with clients outside of the office.

5) Excellent transport links

London underground

Renting office space in Shoreditch is not only cheaper, but it also comes with a range of transport links that you and your staff can take advantage of. For commuting employees, there are both overground and underground stations that they can use to travel to and from work. Shoreditch High Street Station is one of the London overground stations available for them to use with easy-to-access connections throughout London.

Shoreditch transport is also beneficial for customers and potential clients, as it enables them to visit your office space and speak with your team in person. With National Rail stations such as Liverpool Street Station, only a 15-minute walk away,  commuting for clients and staff alike is made easier.

With so many benefits available, Shoreditch is a great place to find the ideal office space for your business. If you are looking for the perfect office for your company, DeVono can help you find the right one for you, either in Shoreditch or further afield in London. See how we can help you find your London office to rent today.

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5 Reasons You Should Rent a Serviced Office in Shoreditch

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