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Government Shifts Stance On EPC Targets: Where Is The Office Guidance?

When announcements were made that the prime minister was to speak on the government’s net-zero goals, the real estate industry waited with bated breath for the clarity it had been calling for around EPCs. As far back as March/April, there was uncertainty as to whether the 2025 deadline for UK properties to meet the EPC “C” would be pushed back to 2028…

The Occupier for H1 2023: Inflated Pressure on Tenants

We are pleased to share our latest publication for H1 2023 of The Occupier. This edition brings you a comprehensive review, at the halfway point of the year, of the central London office market. Alongside this, we have tailored a number of informative articles touching on a variety of topics such as flexible office decisions, design & build considerations, sustainable office design and green leases to name a few.
saving money on office space

The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Office Space

With the current economic climate, every penny counts, and people want ways to save as much as they can. In this instance, businesses are no different. Office space costs, taxes and staffing expenses, to name a few, can be daunting, so frugal strategies are paramount in these trying times.
eco friendly office space

7 Office Space Features to Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

The world is moving towards a more sustainable future, emphasising the importance of businesses incorporating eco-friendly practices and features in their working environments.

In a WeWork Office Space? What tenants and landlords need to know.

WeWork Office Space and the latest news on the business.
affordable office areas in london

5 Affordable Areas of London for Renting Office Space

Finding affordable office space can be challenging, especially with the cost of living crisis adding an additional strain to business finances. Fortunately, several areas with serviced office spaces provide all of London’s advantages whilst remaining within your budget. But where are these areas, and how can they benefit your business?
hybrid working

A Guide To Retaining Employees Through Hybrid Working

The hybrid model has reshaped the workplace, forcing businesses to change their policies and evolve with the demands of the current work climate. So how can a business offer employees the freedom to work from home while maintaining some in-person collaboration?
serviced or managed office space

Serviced Offices vs Managed Offices: Which Is Best For Your Business?

As a business owner, you may be wondering which type of London office space best suits the needs of your industry, employees, and clients.
Calculating office space cost

How to Keep to a Budget on Your New Office Space

To help you with your moving worries, we have compiled our top tips on keeping to your budget as you relocate from your old office space to your ideal new one.

The Energy Workplace: Fuelling the energy sector’s demand for London workplaces

This comprehensive 1-pager delves into the market dynamics of influencing the energy sector’s office spaces, specifically focusing on the unique challenges faced by the Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Renewable Energy sectors.
London modern office space

The Best Office Spaces This Week at DeVono

Discover the best London office spaces at DeVono this week. Find your perfect fit with our top picks tailored to your business needs!
Modern open office plan

Desk vs Office Space Rental: Which Is Best For Your London Business?

Will renting a desk or office be more suitable for your business? Find out the pros and cons of desk rentals and office space rentals.

The Charity Workplace: Rising to the Challenge

DeVono has compiled a short document highlighting the current challenges facing charities, and office leasing trends of charities across London in 2022, touching on location choice and office size preferences and rents paid.

Southbank Office Market Snapshot Q1 2023

Following the recent launch of our Central London Office Market Snapshot, we have taken a deeper dive into our research and are pleased to present a focus on the Southbank Office Market in 2022 and Q1 2023.

The Insurance Workplace: Tradition to Transformation

DeVono has compiled a short document highlighting challenges facing the Insurance sector, and office leasing trends by the sector across London in 2022, touching on location choice and office size preferences and rents paid.

Docklands Office Market: Is It Due A Renaissance?

Office leasing activity across the Docklands has ebbed and flowed since the district’s inception in the 1990s, often in line with the wider economic conditions given the location’s close relationship with the financial sector. Click here to learn more about the market trends and insights for the Docklands Office Market.

Central London Office Market Snapshot For Q1 2023

We are pleased to share our latest edition of DeVono’s Central London Office Market Snapshot for Q1 2023. In this edition, we take a close look at office market activity across Q1 2023, we highlight the latest trends in office leasing, rents, availability, and serviced office pricing.
Skyline of City of London

7 Things To Consider Before Renting An Office In London

Before renting office space in London, you must consider some key factors. So here are seven office space considerations to help you find your dream office.
Packed boxes in office space

9 Helpful Tips for Planning a Rental Office Move

Rental office moves can be exciting, but no planning can make the process stressful. Here are our top tips to help make the moving process less overwhelming.
City of London office space

7 Reasons to Relocate Your Startup Business to a City of London Office

Ever considered moving your startup business to the City of London? Why is it a beneficial location? Here are seven reasons to move your company to the area.
designing an office space in london

9 Design Features For A Productive Workplace

More productive employees equal greater business success. But how can you effectively maximise productivity in the workplace? Discover 9 design features that will motivate and inspire your employees.
Street in Mayfair, London

How To Launch A Startup Business In Mayfair, London

How can you launch your startup in Mayfair? Discover how to turn your dream business idea into a reality and learn the best way to rent office space in Mayfair.

Nurturing Life Sciences In London

The UK is capitalising on the post-pandemic life sciences boom. The latest budget by the UK government identified the sector as one with the potential for high growth, with the aim of consolidating the UK into a global centre. Read our blog to find out more.
Kings Cross station

Why Offices In Kings Cross Are Perfect For A Startup Business

Where is the perfect location for a London startup? Kings Cross is our top choice. Find out why you should rent serviced & flexible office space in Kings Cross.
London office space

Top 6 Collaborative Office Spaces in Prime London Locations

In London, one of the world’s leading business hubs, there are numerous collaborative office spaces to choose from. However, with so many options available, finding the right one for your needs can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top 6 collaborative office spaces in prime London locations.

Why Collaboration is Fundamental for a Business to Succeed

The workplace is a vital tool for enhancing collaboration and giving your people the environment they need to do their best work. Read more about the benefits and values of redefining your office space to boost collaboration and ultimately help your business succeed.

How to Design and Build an Effective Office Space

What do you do when you can’t find your ideal office space? You design one! Take a look at how Dthree Studio can design and build an office to suit your business.

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Workplace Consultant

What are workplace consultants? What do they do? We’ve broken down what workplace consultants are and their benefits so you can discover how they can help you.

5 Reasons You Should Rent a Serviced Office in Shoreditch

If you are looking at serviced offices in Shoreditch, DeVono can help you to find the one that best suits your needs and that of your business. Whether you need access to the nearby train stations or want to be in the centre itself, we are here to find the perfect space you need.
Gym in The Ministry, Borough Road

Working Hard: Ten Office Spaces with Gyms in London

We’ve got for you our top 10 offices with gyms that London has to offer. Blow off some steam after a hard day’s work with your very own on-site fitness centre!

Will an Office Space With a Gym Motivate Employees?

By having a gym in the workplace and keeping fit in the office, you can take advantage of the various benefits that come with it, such as increased motivation within your team.

How To Turn A London Office Into A Creative Workspace

Are you a business owner wondering how to design your London office space to increase employee productivity? In this blog you will find a practical guide on how to make the most of your office space, for it to be a place you and your employees will be happy to work in. 

Why You Should Rent Your Next Office in the City of London

In particular, the office spaces in the City of London provide a range of benefits for you to take advantage of. From transport links to amenities, having an office space in the City of London is a great choice for your business.

Counting the Cost of Rocketing Office Energy Prices

To avoid a significant impact for businesses the Government has now announced its Energy Bill Discount Scheme is to be extended to April 2024. This has led to service charge budgets being reassessed.

Top 5 Serviced Offices In Soho, London 2023

Are you a business owner wishing to rent office space in London? Perhaps you have looked at various areas of London and are unsure where would be the best location for your business. Then consider the unique area of Soho, situated in the centre of the West End.

10 Office Spaces Within Walking Distance Of Waterloo Station

Waterloo is the perfect location for businesses since it has fantastic transport links and is home to Waterloo Station, Britain’s largest train station. But with the area being so busy, searching for office space to rent near Waterloo Station may be a challenging prospect for business owners. This is why we have put together a list of offices within walking distance of Waterloo Station currently available to rent.

2022 Takeaways and 2023 Predictions

Here are some key takeaways from our Insights, Workplace Consultancy and Occupier Advisory teams, resulting from their projects over the past year.⁠ If you are also wondering what’s in store for the workplace in 2023 – wonder no further.

5 Things To Consider When Searching For A Rental Office Space

There are many positive reasons to rent a London serviced office space; however, key aspects need to be considered before businesses embark on an office search in London. 

Top 7 Office Design Features to Boost Productivity

When moving into a new office, or renovating the one you already have, the office interior design must work for your business and your staff. Using the right office designs for your workspace can improve employee productivity, which can help you to determine how your company can proceed going forward.

London Snapshot Highlights

In this blog, we go through our Q1 2022 report key highlights including insights into the key office market fundamentals of leasing, availability, prime rents and serviced office pricing.

What Type Of Office Does A London Startup Need?

Renting a commercial office space in London can be a big commitment, particularly if you have a startup business and your budget is limited. However, DeVono can help make your office search easier with its portfolio of office rental spaces in London.
Beautiful cityscape of London

10 of the Best Office Spaces to Rent in London

There are many reasons why a business may need a new office, but which ones are the best available? What is on offer? What facilities can they provide?

Top 5 Tips to Find Rental Office Space in London

Getting a new office can be an exciting process, and it should be suited to the needs of your establishment. But how do you find that ideal space for your staff and your business?

Central London Office Market Report Q3 2022

We are delighted to share our latest edition of the Central London Office Market Snapshot Q3 2022. In this edition, we look at the latest office leasing trends and what that means for businesses looking for office space across the capital.

7 Reasons You Should Rent a Serviced Office Space in London

Are you trying to decide whether a serviced office space is the right fit for your particular needs? Read our brief guide with key considerations to help you find the perfect serviced office space for your business.

Best TOG Office Promotions

We are excited to partner with TOG to offer pricing promotions for a selection of available office spaces. From small to large offices, we have included a brief overview of each one.

Office Spaces with 2 Months Rent Free

Here are our top 6 office spaces with 2 months rent free!

Recruiters Adapt to the Times: Evolving Space Requirements

The skills of a recruiter in finding and negotiating with talent has become ever more important. This has in turn been reflected in a resurgence in recruitment firms’ office leasing activity across Central London.

What is Quiet Quitting and How to Avoid it in the Workplace

Ghost Quitting or as its most known, Quiet Quitting, has become the new workplace trend that despite the name, actually has nothing to do with quitting your job. Read our blog to find out more about this workplace phenomenon, and how to avoid it in the workplace.

Workplace Strategy: 5 Considerations

Director of Workplace Consulting at DeVono Property, Amanda Irwin, provides insight on the steps businesses need to take when going through their workplace planning by walking us through the strategic process undertaken with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

How to write a fit-for-purpose office design brief

Read this step-by-step guide by our in-house design and build team Dthree for writing a fit-for-purpose office design brief that identifies and communicates your workplace requirements.

Managed Offices: A Flexible Solution for Flexible Working

Lucy Minton, COO and Co-founder at KITT, breaks down why we need to meet the changing demands of the hybrid workforce.⁠ Read the full interview here.

Uncommon – Driving ESG Focused Workspace

We sat down with Chris Davies, CEO at Uncommon, to discuss why driving an ESG-focused and purposeful workspace matters more than ever. Read the full interview and download the full Occupier here.

Nurturing Workplace Culture

In this blog, we discuss how businesses must now consider how best to adapt their office space to support multiple factors of their desired, or existing, company culture. Offices are no longer just a place to work, they are a social destination for bringing people back together.

Top 5 Warehouse Flexible Office Spaces in London

Looking for a unique yet flexible office with a unique design that supports your working requirements? Here are our top 5 warehouse flexible office spaces that provide various working areas to accommodate different types of business operations.

7 ways to create a positive organisational culture

Our Head of People & Premises, Ruth Lynch, highlights seven ways to create a positive organisational culture, discussing issues such as establishing strong company values to offering flexibility in the workplace.

How Businesses Are Using Office Spaces to Bring Teams Together

To combat the mental impact of an isolated workforce, office spaces are now being designed to make leaving our homes worthwhile. To help you bring the ‘buzz’ back to your workplace, here are our top 5 must-have office areas.
Office space in London

The 6 ‘Coolest’ Offices in London

Is your office space too hot? Do you need a ‘cooler’ office to keep your staff motivated? Here are our top 6 air-conditioned office spaces in London.

Can hybrid working make companies more inclusive?

With the right resources and tools, your hybrid working environment can enhance your organisation’s ability to focus on work, look after its people and achieve better results. We share some tips on how companies can make a hybrid working environment a more inclusive and accessible place to be.

What Size Office Space Does My Business Need?

So, how much office space do you really need? A complex but valid question every business asks when they begin to think about relocating. There are various rules and formulas that can help, but first, you need to determine which ones will specifically help you.

Should We Stay or Go?

Relocating your office requires a lot of time, planning and commitment, so you may be thinking, is moving office worth all the hassle and expense? Helping businesses assess their options and find a solution is what we do at DeVono. We can help you decide whether you should stay put or relocate.

The Office: A Tool for Talent

Our in-house design and build team Dthree sat down with Tom Aird, Project Director at Dthree, to talk about how they help clients transform their workplaces into a tool for talent before the design process has even begun.

Top 6 Offices in London with Outdoor Spaces

Are you looking for an office in London with outdoor spaces? To provide a go-to place for your employees to escape from the working day, without even having to leave the building? Then we’ve got you covered.

5 Tips for Designing an Office Worth Commuting for

In this blog, Dthree share their top tips for creating an office that adapts to the new ways of working whilst also attracting and retaining the best talent.

Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid Working

In this blog, we discuss the increasing popularity of hybrid working along with its increasing challenges and how your organisation may or may not benefit from it in your future workplace strategy.

The 5 Step Office Relocation Checklist

Helping companies find their perfect workspace is our expertise, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about moving offices. To help businesses throughout this process, we have put together a comprehensive 5 part moving office checklist.

5 Best Offices to Rent in London

Are you looking for an office to rent in London? An environment that will increase your employees’ productivity, wellbeing, and overall contentment? Then we’ve got you covered. Here are our 5 best offices to rent in London, that will provide your business and people with the facilities they need to flourish.

What is a Serviced Office?

Our guide explains how and why some businesses see serviced offices as a highly useful temporary stop-gap: while for others, they are a valuable part of a longer-term plan. In this blog, DeVono helps you decide if a serviced office is right for you.

How to Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Businesses are increasingly aware that work-related stress and exhaustion are a ticking time bomb. Our in-house design and build team, Dthree, talk us through keeping staff happy, engaged and connected.

5 Office Areas Your Employees Need

In this blog, Jess Willdigg, Senior Designer at Dthree, talks us through the ‘five must-have office areas’ employees need from their working environments.

WELL Building Institute (IWBI)- Well-being at work

In this blog, Ann Marie Aguilar, Senior Vice President EMEA at International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), talks to us about well-being at work.

Life sciences: Breathing new life into business districts

The life sciences sector has garnered much press attention in recent months, not least of all with several high-profile commitments from tenants and developers alike for London. In this blog, we explore the life sciences sector.

Don’t overlook your service charge costs in 2022

In this blog, we review many service charge budgets and certificates provided to us by our client base and have seen some interesting trends leading into 2022.

What type of office should you get? Decoding different office types…

In this blog DeVono help you better understand all of the different types of offices, leases, licences and workspaces available to your business, we have come up with a simple overview of the main office space types.

Kitt in 2022 – Providing solutions for shifting expectations of the workplace

The past 24 months have completely shaken up the commercial real estate industry for both businesses and landlords alike. In this blog, Steve Coulson Co-Founder and CEO at Kitt speaks to us about providing solutions for shifting expectations of the workplace.

One step to achieving net-zero workplaces

In this blog, we explore how the shift in EPC legislation may affect office tenants.

WiredScore – Sweating the small stuff

Nadia Bainbridge Senior Product Manager Tenant at WiredScore highlights the importance of adopting and using technology within the workplace.

Why choose a serviced office?

Unsure whether a serviced office is the right solution for you and your business? Find out more about the flexibility, efficiency, and other benefits that serviced offices have to offer.

Your office rents guide- leasehold and flexible

In this blog, DeVono provide you with a rents guide for leasehold and flexible offices.

Factoring in inflated fit-out costs

In this blog Ben Grave, Director at Dthree Studio, talks about Factoring in inflated Fit-out.

2022 The year of the Office

Over the last 24 months the office has been under attack. Chris Lewis, Head of Occupier Advisory explains why 2022 is the year of the office.

Derwent London- The Workplace embracing change together

In our latest blog, Philippa Davies Head of Leasing at Derwent London outline their focus on growing relationships and delivering flexible and sustainable spaces.

Redefine and Refine Your Workplace Strategy For 2022

In this blog, DeVono outline the key considerations should businesses be thinking of.

Disposing of surplus space in 2022

In this blog, David Barrington Head of Disposals at DeVono shares his do’s and don’t list to ensure a successful letting of disposal space.

OneFifty Consultancy- The importance of being together in our new office

Alex Pearmain Co-founder at OneFifty Consultancy shares his insight into the importance and role of the office.

JMW Solicitors- The Pandemic- a legal sector game-changer

The pandemic has encouraged law firms to consider their business operations and question the role the office plays in their success. In our latest blog, Scott Keown Partner at JMW Solicitors speaks about how the pandemic has been a game-changer for the legal sector.

Decoding different types of office space

To help your organisation better understand all of the types of leases, licenses, and workspaces available to your business, DeVono has come up with a simple overview of the main types of office space, flexible workplaces, and traditional leasing solutions.

How to create the ‘peopleplace’ of the future.

DeVono looks at redefining your workplace strategy to ensure your office brings the best out of your people and business.

The Bumble Effect– Making the First Move

DeVono looks at Dthree Studio’s planning and design behind Bumble’s ‘cosy’ new headquarters in this blog.

Don’t confuse hybrid working with flexible working

DeVono highlights how hybrid working and flexible working can have an impact on the size, location and type of workplace needed.

5 ways to Prioritise Good Mental Health in the Workplace

To help businesses start the year right, DeVono and Dthree Studio have shared our tips for making good mental health a priority within your workplace.

#DVTalks Podcast: Teachings from COP26

In the latest podcast from our #DVTalks series, the Devono and Dthree Studio team discuss the teachings from COP26, relating to the commercial real estate industry.

Technology Solutions Supporting the Hybrid Workplace – Achieving a Seamless Digital Experience

A growing market for PropTech and workplace technology platforms has meant that navigating your way through them can be time consuming, costly, and could ultimately yield no returns. DeVono & Trustek have partnered to put the power in tenant’s hands.

Behind the scenes with Luke Philpott

In the first of our culture and diversity mini-series, DeVono speaks with Equity Partner, Luke Philpott, about his background, culture and how he got to where he is today.

COP26: Government uses more stick than carrot approach with large office occupiers

Shaun Dawson, Head of Insights at DeVono, comments on the #COP26 summit, how businesses are implementing ESG strategies, office trends and the potential opportunities for the real estate industry.

Office23: Stage 1 – React

In this blog, we highlight the premise of our Office23 solution, discuss the current challenges organisations are facing, and discuss the ‘React’ stage of the Office23 journey.

Autumn Budget 2021 Response

In our latest blog, DeVono’s Head of Insights, Shaun Dawson, responds to Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Autumn Budget 2021, discussing key points including The Spending Review, business rates and transport schemes.

The future of the office: Location, Technology, and Office Design

Luke Philpott, Equity Partner at DeVono, highlights some of the factors that may change the nature and role of the office in the years ahead such as technology, location and office design.

#DVTalks Podcast: The Return to the Office

In our most recent podcast the DeVono team discuss the return to the office post pandemic, DeVono’s Office23 strategy and long term trends.

The tech office: Aligning workplace with today’s workforce and business goals

In this blog, the DeVono team offer their view on the shifting landscape affecting the workplace and those that work within the sector.

Cost – Walking the tightrope of investment

DeVono discuss the importance of office space for tech companies when seeking to attract, engage and retain talent.

ESG: Real estate supporting targets

The DeVono team take a look at the importance of ESG within tech.

Rapid growth: A strategic approach to workplace

The DeVono team explore the implications of companies not having a strategic approach to company growth.

Culture: Retaining, creating and nurturing

In this blog, the team takes a look at how tech firms thrive off creating a unique work environment to help attract key talent from a younger demographic.

Tech talent: The balance of power

In this piece, we examine how the office will play a significant role in attracting and retaining talented workers in the tech sector.

DeVono 2.0 Launch of our New Website 2021

This week we have launched our new website offering an improved intuitive property search function and full access to all of our market insights and guides for Occupiers.

The case for having an office in London

In this piece, DeVono discusses why having an office space in London or other major cities can benefit your business and how you should start your office search.

Counting the cost of an office – a deeper dive into service charges

Luke Philpott, Equity Partner at DeVono, takes a deeper look into service charges, including how to understand and manage your service charge arrangements, what costs are involved, and the importance of having full visibility over all office occupancy costs.

Making your office enticing to workers and prospective employees

Luke Philpott, Equity Partner at DeVono, highlights the top three things employers should consider to ensure their office remains attractive to current and prospective employees.

What you can expect from flexible workspace leasing and serviced offices

Serviced office space can be found across the UK and is becoming more popular given the changing nature of the workplace post-COVID-19. In this blog, we describe what you can expect from serviced offices.

Affordable serviced office space in London

In this blog, DeVono has listed the most affordable areas for serviced office space in London, as well as a few of our favourite office spaces that are available.

Mental Health Awareness Week UK 2021 – Managing wellbeing during the pandemic

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, DeVono asked our employees to share how they feel they managed, and have been supported with, their wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Returning to the office? Safely does it

DeVono discusses why businesses need to address workplace safety concerns to ensure a safe return to the office.

The future for supply chain and logistics post COVID-19

What is the future of Food Logistics? DeVono assesses the future for supply chains and logistics post-COVID-19.

Sustainability in the Workplace – 10 things to look out for in 2021

For World Earth Day, DeVono has identified ten workplace sustainability-related concepts which are set to dominate in 2021.

International Women’s Day: Flexible working for women

For International Women’s Day, DeVono examines the future of flexible working for women.

A guide to returning to your office in 2021

In this blog, DeVono reflects on how businesses can best plan a safe return to the office in 2021.

Flexible Office Space Just Got More Flexible

DeVono discusses how serviced office providers are increasing their flexibility by offering COVID clauses and other incentives for tenants.

Planning a safe Return to the Office in 2021

DeVono has produced a high-level return to the office Risk Assessment that provides the data needed to help businesses prepare for a return to a COVID-19 Secure workplace.

The future of work & the office beyond the hyperbole

In this piece, Chris Lewis, Equity Partner & Head of Occupier Advisory, and Martin Laws, an independent executive coach, discuss how organisations should assess their real estate strategy as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Technology – Power on through the pandemic

The pandemic supercharged the adoption of workplace technology across businesses of all shapes and sizes. Yet, with economic pressures still kicking in, could future investment be a high cost, thus, impacting London’s tech hub?

Unlocking your real estate potential in 2021

In this blog, Robert Leigh, Equity Partner at DeVono, argues that reevaluating real estate plans will prove invaluable to businesses and their growth for the next few years.

Office market predictions 2021 – a time for occupiers

Shaun Dawson, Head of Insights at DeVono, discusses a few of his office market predictions for 2021.

Commercial real estate: What is the new normal?

Robert Leigh, Equity Partner at DeVono, discusses the many changes in the commercial real estate sector in 2020, the office’s future role, and what he is looking forward to in 2021.

Post-COVID: Will London and the major cities lose their office space appeal?

DeVono discusses if London and major cities will lose their office space appeal as a result of COVID-19 and the increasing trend towards remote working.

Adopting a hub & spoke office strategy

Shaun Dawson, Head of Insights at DeVono, outlines why businesses should consider adopting a ‘Hub and Spoke’ real estate strategy.

A commercial property guide for SMEs

This blog features a guide for SMEs facing challenges due to COVID-19 to help them carve their future commercial property strategy.

Enhancing workplace mental health

In this blog, our Head of People & Premises, Ruth Lynch, shares her advice on enhancing mental health at the workplace.

COVID-19: Are serviced operators being flexible enough?

In this blog, DeVono discusses the flexibility of serviced office operators during the pandemic, the opportunities, and challenges for operators, and the future of the serviced office industry.

Post COVID-19 – what constitutes a ‘new normal’ workspace

DeVono’s Head of Insights, Shaun Dawson, discusses the post-COVID-19 environment, what constitutes a ‘new normal’ workspace, and return-to-work strategies.

Our pick of London’s best serviced offices

DeVono shows some of our favourite serviced offices in London.

COVID-19 office market disruption – Lockdown, recession & demand

DeVono’s Head of Insights, Shaun Dawson, gives his analysis on how COVID-19 is disrupting the office market, the likelihood of a post-COVID recession, and the impact on workspace supply and demand in the coming years.

COVID-19: What does it mean for the supply chain?

DeVono discusses the impact that COVID-19 could have on the global supply chain.

COVID-19: Adapting to the evolving challenges posed by the pandemic

Luke Philpott, Equity Partner at DeVono, highlights the processes we have put in place to work alongside our clients to overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Coronavirus – what does it mean for the office?

DeVono’s Chris Lewis, Equity Partner & Head of Occupier Advisory,gives his analysis on the impact of COVID-19 on the commercial property market.

UK Budget 2020; expectations for the commercial property sector

DeVono’s Head of Insights, Shaun Dawson, discusses the potential impact the UK’s 2020budget will have on the commercial property sector and what policies we hope to see enacted to support the sector.

International Women’s Day: what it means for DeVono’s senior female leaders

For the annual celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, DeVono’s ’Stephanie Cowles, Director of Client Services, offers her on what this day means for women in real estate.

UK Businesses; How to prepare for Brexit

DeVono outlines how UK businesses can best prepare for Brexit.

DeVono Testimonial – Cloudability

Nigel Arthur of Cloudability explains how DeVono Cresa supported them on their commercial real estate journey

Office demand remains strong across Europe. Signs of an economic slowdown are already visible, but the market remains robust

In this blog, Heads of the European offices of real estate advisory firm Cresa talk about ‘What’s next’ for the office market.

DeVono Testimonial – Privitar

Charlotte Andersen of Privitar explains how DeVono supported them on their commercial real estate journey.

DeVono Testimonial – Fox Communications

Lysbeth Fox of Fox PR explains how DeVono supported them on their commercial real estate journey.

Survival of the Fittest – the sectors that have boomed since 2012

In this blog, DeVono looks at the sectors in the UK that have boomed since 2012.

Would you pay £200 for some privacy at work?

In this blog, DeVono look at Panasonic’s ‘Wear Space’ and ask if you would allow your employees to wear these around the office.

Be more active in the office environment

If you work a 9-5 office based job, this means you are sitting sedentary for 8 hours a day, which can not only affect your physical health but your mental health too.

8 London serviced offices you shouldn’t miss out on…

Serviced and co-working offices in London just get better all the time – in every sense. You want an iconic address? Chances are that the building you have your eye on features a healthy chunk of serviced space

The best offices for coffee lovers

These flexible workplaces have onsite cafes, so for coffee lovers from all sectors, you can catch up with clients, colleagues and friends without leaving the building.

Home or away? The working lines are becoming blurred.

What began as a strict, 9-to-5 occupation where workers commute to and from an office has transformed into a job market where remote work and flexible schedules have entered the realm of possibility.

Mental health in the workplace

DeVono’s Head of People & Premises, Ruth Lynch, notes the benefits of working at DeVono and how various organisations prioritise mental health in the workplace.

6 London serviced offices you absolutely need to see…

DeVono handpicks some of our favourite serviced office spaces that we think you will love.

The Workforce Shaping the Workplace | The Occupier Talks Q2 2018 | DeVono

Shaun Dawson, Head of Insights at DeVono explores how the Workforce is Shaping the Workplace.

An Interview with A+E Networks UK | The Occupier Talks Q2 2018

DeVono caught up with Karl Burnett, VP HR Director and Elaine Jackson, Head of Office & Facilities Management, at their impressive 20,000 sq ft office at 1 Queen Caroline Street in Hammersmith, to discover what makes A+E ‘The Best Place to Work in Television.

Central London Office Market Update from DeVono | The Occupier Talks Q1 2018

Shaun Dawson, Head of Insights, comments on Q1 2018 of the Central London office market covering recent trends in Leasing Activity, Take-up by Sector, Office Availability and Rental Trends.

Central London becomes an office hub for burgeoning cybersecurity

DeVono discusses how central London is becoming increasingly popular amongst cybersecurity firms.

Best TED talks for start-ups

DeVono complies a list of unmissable TED talks that start-up employees need to watch.

The Occupier Talks #01: The London Office Market Q1 2018

Chris Lewis, Head of Occupier Advisory & Consultancy at DeVono, gives an overview of the London office market in Q1 2018, including rental trends, the effects of political uncertainty and economic challenges and how London has the ability to withstand significant shocks as it continues to power on.

Ideas to create inspiration in the office

Sometimes we all feel uninspired, these ideas can help liven up your office and spark some inspiration.

At what size do you outgrow serviced offices?

It can be hard to distinguish whether you have outgrown your office. This blog reveals why serviced offices are the best option for rapidly growing organisations and how DeVono can help you secure the best space for your business.

A healthy approach to finding space

Bradley Hill, founder and CEO of The Simple Health Kitchen explains how his approach to the search process helped secure the best sites for his business.

Chris Lewis Talks To The BBC

Chris Lewis, Head of Occupier Advisory & Consultancy at DeVono, talks to the BBC about the changing face of Hatton Garden and what the rise in rents and business rates means for the jewellery trade and other occupiers in the area.

Steps to success in fintech

Daniel Hegarty, Founder and CEO of Habito, tells DeVono what it takes to be successful in fintech.

Legal tips for occupiers

In this blog, Belinda Solomon, a partner at Brecher LLP, shares her top tips for a successful commercial real estate transaction.

Where is the best location in London for my business?

London is constantly evolving, finding the perfect location for an office can be difficult, DeVono shares key insights to consider during your office search.

What occupiers want in today’s market

In this piece, DeVono speak to Blackstone, the largest real estate private equity firm in the world about what occupiers want in today’s office market.
Cannon Street

The best rooftop offices this October

Top serviced spaces for August 2017

This summer there is so much on offer from the flexible office market. Here’s our pick of London’s best for August 2017 – with features ranging from amazing communal areas to dazzle your workforce to the highest quality private IT networks, and facilities that cater for an active workforce.

London’s best themed serviced office spaces – continued…

In this article, DeVono showcases more of the best-themed service office space across London.

6 reasons why global businesses are turning to serviced office space

Serviced office space is quickly becoming the preferred solution for occupiers, regardless of the sector in which they operate. In this piece, DeVono looks at the top six reasons why businesses are turning to serviced offices.

London’s best themed serviced office spaces

In this article, DeVono showcases some of the best-themed service office spaces across London.

10 reasons why Mayfair office space is so popular

In this blog, DeVono outlines 10 reasons why Mayfair office space is a popular choice for occupiers.

10 reasons to consider relocating to Covent Garden

DeVono shares ten reasons why you should consider locating to Covent Garden.

What to look for in a workplace as a creative start-up

As a start-up finding a workplace can be challenging, DeVono shares what to look out for when searching for an office space.

How co-working spaces are helping global businesses flourish

Working culture has changed drastically within recent years, with co-working spaces becoming increasingly popular. DeVono discusses the benefits of co-working spaces in this article.

Changing the culture of possession through office space sharing

DeVono makes the business case for office space sharing in this blog.

How has office culture changed over the last decade?

DeVono explores how office culture has changed in the past ten years.

12 ways RICS regulations should improve to help you get a better commercial property deal

DeVono explores 12 ways that RICS regulations could improve to help you get a better commercial property deal.

Assessing your commercial property needs in uncertain times – Serviced Offices

DeVono shares how we can help advise and support you with your real estate strategy in uncertain times.

How to project manage your office move

Moving offices can be stressful, DeVono shares how to manage your office move the best way.

8 reasons why London’s serviced offices market is booming

DeVono shares eight reasons why serviced offices are becoming popular in London.

How increased awareness of conflicts of interest can help the commercial property industry

Conflicts of interest are common in the commercial property industry, particularly when agents act on behalf of the agent and landlord. DeVono shares knowledge of why increased awareness of conflicts of interest can help the commercial property industry.

Why SMEs need to know about conflicts of interest in the commercial property industry

In 2015, DeVono commissioned academics from The University of Leeds to research conflicts of interest in the commercial property industry. In this blog, we highlight what businesses should know about this issue.

Serviced offices: here’s how businesses can get the full picture

Serviced offices are becoming increasingly popular, DeVono helps you decide if a serviced office is right for you.

Working in Mayfair & St James’s

DeVono shares what Mayfair and St James’s have to offer.

Saving £millions for commercial occupiers

In this piece, DeVono outlines how much money we have saved for our clients since the start of 2015.

Spotlight on Victoria

DeVono explores the popular Victoria area of London.

How independent project management ensures business continuity

In this piece, DeVono explores the benefits of independent project management.

Conflicts of interest in commercial real estate?

Are Conflicts of Interest prevalent in the UK commercial real estate industry? DeVono explores Professor Gerard McCormack and Mr Adam Baker’s research into conflicts of interest within the UK commercial real estate industry.

London real estate – The next 5 years

The DeVono team were delighted to be involved once again with one of London’s premier commercial property events called the “London Real Estate Forum”.

An office in the sky

The iconic Heron Tower has added a touch of elegance to the traditional office block, DeVono shares the history behind this spectacular building.

How the current London office market will affect your business

With the office market constantly changing, DeVono explores how current market dynamics could affect your business.

E&O acquires London office buildings

The Malaysian property developers, E&O Berhad have acquired two London office buildings including the vintage office buildings of Landmark House and Thames Tower.

Aurelius Capital Management to open second London office

Hedge fund firm Aurelius Capital Management has confirmed to open a new London office after the firm registered two new businesses, Aurelius Capital Management (UK) LLP and Aurelius Capital (UK) Ltd, in August 2014.

Twitch establishes London office on Carnaby Street

This blog highlights how Twitch has opened a new headquarters in London. The office will also act as its European base.

Ditto Music opens offices in London at Tileyard Studios

Digital music distribution company Ditto Music has announced that its opening offices in London.

GHS Limited Partnership to develop Hanover Square London office block

This blog announces Great Portland Estates formation of a joint venture with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority to develop Hanover square. The joint venture, GHS Limited Partnership, will develop the Hanover Square Estate.

Bechtel set to take up 75,000 sq ft of London office space at FC200

Bechtel Corporation, the largest engineering and construction company in the US, are set to take up headquarters in one of Wainbridge’s London office buildings. DeVono shares insights on the move.

The Co-operative Group set to move into new City of London office

The Co-operative Group is set to move into St Paul’s House in the City of London after agreeing to lease the property from Beltane Asset Management.

Should they stay or should they move?

This blog features an insight into how DeVono helped our media client, who serves the Private Wealth Management and Healthcare markets relocate to new London office premises.

China continues expansion into London office sector

This article reveals why London is becoming the new hub for Chinese banks as they look to expand in the West.

Commercial property tenants look for green savings

According to British Eco Energy, businesses within the commercial property sector are looking to make savings from installing new green technology.

Green offices topping government agenda

This article queries the government’s promise to make its technology operations carbon neutral by 2013.

Govt sets office efficiency standards

This article reveals the government’s new plans to reduce carbon emissions with carbon-neutral computer systems for its offices.

City office rents will fall 40%

City offices in London will see their rental value fall 40 per cent from their peak prices despite this, according to Chris Bartram, an investment fund manager.

Amateurs told to avoid commercial buy-to-let

DeVono reports on why amateur investors have been told to avoid commercial buy-to-let.

Keep it local

This DeVono blog notes how the Federation of Master Builders has stated that developers can make their projects more sustainable using local suppliers and materials.

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