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Culture: Retaining, creating and nurturing

In this blog, the team takes a look at how tech firms thrive off creating a unique work environment to help attract key talent from a younger demographic.

Blog post / Business Sectors / UK Regional

Tech talent: The balance of power

In this piece, we examine how the office will play a significant role in attracting and retaining talented workers in the tech sector.

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Counting the cost of an office – a deeper dive into service charges

Luke Philpott, Equity Partner at DeVono, takes a deeper look into service charges, including how to understand and manage your service charge arrangements, what costs are involved, and the importance of having full visibility over all office occupancy costs.

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The case for having an office in London

In this piece, DeVono discusses why having office space in London or other major cities can benefit your business and how you should start your office search.

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Reviewing your service charge

DeVono has produced a Service Charge Guide outlining our approach in embarking on an audit and what potential savings can be achieved from a detailed analysis of every item by our team of experts.

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