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The 5 Step Office Relocation Checklist

Relocating offices can be very stressful, but a little planning goes a long way to eliminate any unnecessary disruptions, frustrations and surprises. Although moving offices is a challenging and time-consuming task, there are fundamental steps you can take to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Helping companies find their perfect workspace is our expertise, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about moving offices. To help businesses throughout this process, we have put together a comprehensive 5 part moving office checklist:

Step One – Plan ahead

You should be planning 3 to 6 months prior to your expected moving date:

  • Choosing a team member to keep track of contact details, key dates and inventory lists
  • Picking somebody from each department to identify their team’s needs and priorities
  • Reviewing your commercial property lease
  • Organising a planning team
  • Collecting quotes from different moving companies, to find the best available service and value for money
  • Finding out whether you need moving insurance for important equipment
  • Calculating your moving budget to avoid overspending, and revise this number as you get quotes
  • Notifying your IT department about the move and considering what tech is needed for the day
  • Getting a detailed floor plan for your new workspace
  • Measuring the new office space and figuring out how you are going to lay things out
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Step Two – Communication

Once you’ve confirmed your moving date, it’s important to inform internal and external parties about your upcoming relocation:

  • Notify your current landlord and/or property manager, and give official notice
  • Let your entire staff know the reason for relocating and remind them closer to the date so they get into an active preparation mindset
  • Inform them of the moving date and new office address
  • Ensure that your client list and service provider are up to date
  • Ensure all team members know what they’re responsible for overseeing
  • Make a reservation with your chosen moving company
  • Notify local partners, affiliates and suppliers about the upcoming move, and anyone else who may be affected by your change of address and contact information
  • Research and hire a moving company. You can find a reputable company through the British Association of Removers. Their Code of Practice has been approved by Trading Standards, adding another level of security and oversight

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Step Three – Preparation

Now is the time to consider the logistics of moving all your office equipment to your new space:

  • Taking a thorough inventory of existing office furniture, everything that will have to be moved and everything that will go into storage
  • Placing orders for new furniture, office supplies and packing supplies, like crates, tape and labels
  • Signing any official paperwork, permits and licenses
  • Creating a detailed moving day plan for your staff to follow
  • Contacting internet, telephone and other providers and schedule transfers and installations so all systems are operational by the time you move in
  • Taking photographs of your old office in case any problems arise with the movers or landlord
  • Checking preparations at the new site, such as heating, air-conditioning, IT, telephone, broadband and furnishings
  • Your planning team should:
    • Assign a member of each team to oversee their department’s packing responsibilities
    • Create a “moving pack” for each member of staff – including a “welcome to your new workspace” gift to help lift spirits and moods during the move
    • Make sure that everybody takes home personal belongings and devices
    • Arrange for keys, access codes and/or tags and security information to be available
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Step Four – Down to Business

The moving day has arrived! You want to make sure everything runs smoothly on this day in order to decrease any unnecessary disruption to the running of your business:

  • Make sure your emergency number printout is available
  • Ensure that all tech equipment, computers, phones etc are moved first
  • Have a budget for refreshments for the moving team and internal representatives
  • Set up telephone lines and systems
  • Update the company website with new contact information
  • Perform a detailed check of the premises, and report any damage to the moving company if needed
  • Make sure any old leases have been wrapped up
  • Issue a press release about your change of address
  • Ask your planning team to organise an office-warming party
  • Ensure your insurance has been transferred

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Step Five – Celebrate!

Once you are in make sure you take some time to celebrate your new home with your team!

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If you’re currently looking for office space but not sure what route to take, then we are here to help you navigate the best solution for your business and people. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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