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We help empower occupiers to drive their business forward.

Devono is able to support our clients through every part of the real estate journey. Our expert team create a tailor-made strategy that informs where your office space needs to be and how it should be designed based on your unique business objectives.

Our team of surveyors, consultants, and designers will develop a workplace brief that ensures your business is fit for today and future-proofed for tomorrow. Devono considers your company’s values and acknowledges the importance of a workplace on employee motivation, morale, and collaboration.


The Real Estate Journey

Workplace Consultancy

Like every journey, there is a beginning, middle and end. We help our clients make the best decisions.

Our support is designed to test assumptions to arrive at decisions that enable the delivery of an outcome that addresses the occupational needs of the business. Developing and agreeing a property brief is a critical step that allows us to engage the market so we are able to share the options that meet the brief. As we progress to shortlists of properties and negotiation, we give clear and direct support to make sure all options are considered and property selection is driven by a consistent and clear approach. Once a property is secured, we move to the Lease Commencement phase.

Lease Consultancy

Whether a structural lease event such as a rent review or lease break or whether there’s a more tactical decision to be made about lease regears, extensions, or service charge audits, we make sure the options are fully understood. What can appear to be a relatively small issue can easily develop into a major problem if the right approach isn’t taken. We see ourselves as occupier guardians, passionate about making sure that during the life of our clients leases the best decisions and outcomes are delivered.

Lease End

Whether remaining at the current premises or relocating, we help clients to prepare for and then implement a smooth transition to the next phase of their journey. Our dilapidation and reinstatement advice will ensure an element of preparedness and guidance at this critical time. Regardless of whether a client stays or relocates to new premises at lease end, it is natural that we once again consider the options available and review once more the workplace strategy, and so the process begins again.

Office Disposals


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Occupier Office Disposal

As an office space occupier, you are fully responsible for your lease for the entire length of the term. As a result, if you wish to exit the premises before the end of your lease, you are responsible for the disposal of the office space.

We specialise in the disposal of occupier office space which differs significantly from disposing of a landlord space. While a landlord can afford to wait months, or even years, before letting a commercial space, such space is a diminishing asset for an occupier wishing to exit and the focus must therefore be on liability mitigation.

Occupier disposals fall into three categories, as listed below:


With a sub-lease you will essentially become the incoming tenant’s landlord and will need to manage the quarterly rental payments and deal with any building-related issues, in the first instance.


If you assign your existing lease, an incoming tenant will take over the full liability of the lease, including paying the current rent and taking on the responsibility for dilapidations.


The landlord may agree to take back the office space immediately, either for a cash settlement in lieu of loss of rent, or if it is otherwise financially beneficial for them to do so. Alternatively, you can find a new occupier for the office space and if the landlord grants a surrender of the lease, they can simultaneously issue a new lease for the incoming tenant.

Devono can advise you on the best route out of your current commercial lease and then act as your agent in the disposal of the property.

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