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Working in Shoreditch: A Guide to basing your business in London's very own Tech City

Shoreditch is synonymous with technology and creativity. It’s the home of Tech City, of Google Campus London, and of accelerator programmes too numerous to count. It’s developed a reputation as the place where ambitious startups go to grow, and where tech entrepreneurs go to meet likeminded professionals. “Silicon Roundabout”, as the area around the Old Street Roundabout is affectionately known, is without doubt a world-leading creative cluster. So it’s no surprise that it’s become one of the most fashionable and sought-after areas in London.

Expect quirky cafés, unconventional bars and new discoveries at every turn. If we had to describe Shoreditch in just three words, vibrant, energetic and youthful would be top of the list. But there’s so much more to say about this dynamic area of Central London. So if you want to base your business in one of the most talked about places in London, Shoreditch is the place to be.

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Commercial Property in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is renowned for its transformation of unloved industrial buildings into some of the capital’s trendiest and most coveted commercial properties. Disused warehouses have been transformed into restaurants and cafés, former factories into creative office space. The emphasis is on quirky rather than pristine design; the Shoreditch ethos is to let the character of the original building shine through.

Key Considerations:

-          Ideal for startups, tech and creative businesses 
-          Expect quirky rather than polished space 
-          Rents are rising as the area increases in popularity 

Restaurant and Leisure Space

Typical restaurant and leisure space in Shoreditch is found within older style properties which have been refurbished. The focus is on the quirky rather than the clean and modern. Combined with the area’s appeal to young professionals and entrepreneurs, this makes Shoreditch ideal for independent restaurants as supposed to large chains. Due to the rising popularity of the area, rents are now comparable with the West End of London in some instances.

Key Considerations:

-          Ideal for individual restaurants
-          Expect quirky rather than high-end properties
-          Not much newly built space
-          Rents are increasing quickly

Retail Space

Looking for retail space in Shoreditch? As with restaurant and office space, expect an emphasis on quirkiness and character which makes it ideal for smaller, independent stores rather than chains. The most famous retail destinations in Shoreditch are Rivington Street, Redchurch Street and BoxPark, which is a popup shop destination. A few of the larger retailers have begun moving into the area, but a lack of available space has restricted their growth in this part of London.

Key Considerations:

-          Ideal for independent stores and up and coming young designers
-          Rents lower than in the West End
-          Smaller property sizes compared with other Central London locations.

The Local Area

Located in the London Borough of Hackney, Shoreditch boasts a colourful history and an equally vibrant local character. If you want your business to soak up some trendy London atmosphere, then opting to rent office space in Shoreditch for your business is a shortcut to commercial chic.

Shoreditch’s reputation as a thriving creative hub is in part thanks to the style of properties available in the area. Former Victorian factories and warehouses have proven popular with startups, technology and creative companies who are looking for offices which demonstrate their innovative, non-corporate values. This stylish atmosphere is complemented by a plethora of chic, contemporary Shoreditch office space. Many of the properties have been reclaimed from previously run-down industrial buildings, which have been turned into unique workspaces. 

A number of businesses have taken up offices around the Old Street roundabout area, leading to it being unofficially dubbed the ‘Silicon Roundabout.’ As one of London’s trendiest areas, Shoreditch is synonymous with cutting-edge ideas and creative thinking. Therefore, if you want your business to stand out as a fashionable and creative enterprise – particularly if you work in the design or technology industries – it's an excellent option.

Niche technology sectors such as the growing FinTech and PropTech sectors have also moved into the area, in search of a business base which is more characterful and less formal. Purpose-built office blocks are less readily available in Shoreditch, a fact which has so far helped to keep the area true to its creative roots. However developers are now realising the area’s true potential and there are various development schemes expected in the coming years.

As well as the high-end offices in Shoreditch, the area is also great for businesses looking to entertain their most important clients. For example, you could take clients to Old Street or Curtain Road, which are home to pubs and restaurants that rival those in London’s West End. In the Victorian era, the area was a vivacious entertainment hub, complete with theatres and music halls. Modern-day Shoreditch has re-established itself as a must-go theatre and art destination – if you take a stroll through the district you are sure to come across one of the theatres or art galleries that have made Shoreditch their home.

Key Considerations:

-          Ideal for startups, tech and creative businesses
-          Expect quirky rather than polished space
-          Rents are rising as the area increases in popularity

Travelling to Shoreditch

The area is served by a good number of transport links. There are two London Underground stations nearby – Old Street and Liverpool Street – and the new Shoreditch High Street overground station provides links to the outskirts of the city. This is great for those businesses regularly needing to meet clients situated on the other side of the capital.

Wherever you work in Shoreditch, you’ll also quickly be able to access national rail stations and international airports, making it easy to embark on international business trips or welcome clients from further afield.

This uniquely vibrant area is already immensely popular with market-leading creative companies. If you want your business to be included in this exclusive group, contact us today.

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