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Nurturing Workplace Culture

The two years have seen a decade or more’s acceleration in the debate around the future of the workplace. Hybrid working and flexible working have increased, and the role and nature of the office, in turn, have changed. For the tech sector, companies have had to reconfigure their office space to best retain, create, and nurture their own company culture in the years ahead.

Culture is the lynchpin of all firms, especially those with a younger demographic. What defines the culture of a company involves a myriad of things, but ultimately has people at its heart. It may sound a little too cliché, but it is 100% true: a happy heart is a happy workplace. The pandemic has shifted company cultures, and at a time when businesses are already struggling to retain its best people, ensuring that culture not only returns but is improved, is vital. The topic of staff attraction is inextricably linked to culture, and is even more poignant now – if another firm can offer a more thoughtful culture that promises flexibility and development, what is to stop that person from leaving?

Your office space

Office space in London

Your culture is the embodiment of your organisation. It is both the foundation and the glue that holds your business purpose and strategy together. We passionately believe that the office is the physical manifestation of your company culture and use this as a fundamental insight within our workplace consultancy process. Tech companies have long been pioneers in promoting flexible working, wellbeing and providing attractive perks. Unlike some other industries, the tech sector adapted swiftly to remote working and for some, it opened the eyes of businesses and individuals alike as to what is the future of work. One size does not fit all, and as returning to the office picks up pace, the tech industry must strike the right balance of hybrid working provision and ensuring that the workplace is fit-for-purpose to support business goals, productivity, staff welfare and maintaining those core cultural aspirations.

Create a central hub

City of London towers

Company culture exists whether it is intentionally created or not, and a culture left to its own devices that is bandaged with pool tables and Friday drinks is not sustainable in the long run. You can nurture your culture by harnessing the voice of the workforce and providing a central base where employees can grow within a business. An office’s location, design, and functionality all help to organically grow, develop and retain company culture.

Businesses must now consider how best to adapt their office space to support multiple factors of their desired, or existing, company culture. Offices are no longer just a place to
work, they are a social destination for bringing people back together. Establishing how the office can impact an organisation’s strategic priorities, leadership styles, talent plan, operating model, and technology ambitions are key considerations in any business’s strategic vision. Only by considering all these facets can companies best use their office space to grow their desired culture.

Establish your workplace strategy

Employees forming a workplace strategy

Workplace consultancy essentially defines the vision, approach and strategy for how your environment should enable and support your business in achieving its long-term goals and objectives. We work closely with our clients’ leadership teams and employees to carry out surveys that help us establish your existing and ideal culture. This, combined with further employee feedback, working style insights and understanding your future business aspirations, allows us to help you define your workplace strategy and office requirements.

So, how can we foster positive employee experiences? The physical spaces we work and meet in have a huge impact on employee engagement and productivity. Here are some of our available office spaces that have effectively used their workplace design to enhance workplace culture.

London Fields

London Fields office space

This family-friendly space has everything you need, from an on-site nursery and an in-house café to breakout areas and phone booths. London Fields hosts an AV playback room, a members’ kitchen, a rooftop bar, and a courtyard. Their use of biophilic design harnesses the energizing properties of nature, increasing productivity and creativity in the workplace. Nestled in the heart of Hackney, you will have unlimited access to all Second Home weekly educational and wellness event programmes.

TOG Lyric Square

TOG Lyric Square

In the heart of Hammersmith, Lyric Square offers incredible 360-degree views across London. Within this stunning mid-century building, there is a full range of services that can accommodate all your employees’ needs. Their fully equipped gym, café, outdoor terrace, meeting and event spaces, and garden room provide a fun and diverse workplace environment for employees.

TOG – Henry Wood House

Henry Wood House

Henry Wood House offers co-working spaces and a lounge on the ground floor for you to work, collaborate, socialise, and grow your business. There are event spaces, a penthouse meeting space for 100 people, dining areas, kitchens, a library, a gym and an impressive 20-seater screening room for you to enjoy. With workplace stress and anxiety on the rise, designing an office with a focus on well-being can help improve work/life balance.


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Nurturing Workplace Culture

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