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9 Design Features For A Productive Workplace

More productive employees equal greater business success. But how can you effectively maximise productivity in the workplace?

Discover 9 design features that will motivate and inspire your employees.

1. Breakout Spaces

breakout space in offices

Forward-thinking businesses consist of offices with different zones to enable and support their employees’ many different work requirements.

A breakout space is a dedicated area allowing employees to relax and recharge away from work pressures, which is just as vital for enhancing employee productivity as any working zone.

Modern businesses have recognised the benefits of renting offices in London with breakout spaces, steering away from a traditional working structure. It is an area where employees can have their lunch whilst developing strong bonds and forming positive relationships. 

A happier and more connected team means people will be more motivated and committed to working together to achieve their goals.

2. Meeting Rooms

modern office meeting room

Another key area that is becoming increasingly more important within workplace design is a variety of meeting areas. Providing these areas is necessary for any business wishing to gain optimum employee productivity.

A meeting room is a space where sensitive conversations can take place, be it with other employees or clients, but it is also a space that can encourage collaboration and bring people together for idea sharing.

For example, in having an office with a meeting room, private conversations reduce distractions for the rest of the team or prevent pulling them away from their work.

Equally, collaborative meetings within this designated area offer a change of environment for your employees, helping them think differently and share new ideas, which will help drive a collective solution.

3. Kitchen

worker using office kitchen appliances

If people can take regular breaks, this can boost their performance. So, as an employer, consider adding a few kitchen appliances in your workplace to encourage your employees to recharge.

Even if you don’t have the space for an extravagant kitchen, you can ensure that there are means for your employees to store and prepare food. 

A kettle, microwave, and fridge will help your employees stay well-hydrated and eventually feel valued and cared for will make a big difference to their overall engagement and productivity levels.

Alternatively, you could rent a London office that has a kitchen.

4. Outdoor Space

working in outdoor office space

Many businesses are beginning to recognise the importance of having an office with outside space, such as a rooftop garden or communal terrace area. 

Fresh air cleans a person’s lungs, helping to boost their mood. This helps to reduce stress, enabling better engagement and productivity.

Furthermore, exposure to sunlight boosts a person’s vitamin D levels, helping them to be healthier and happier.

So if you have office outdoor space that is accessible to your employees, then you provide them with a serene environment, enabling them to recharge mentally and physically.

5. Collaboration Zone

office works collaborating in collaboration zone

If you’d like to encourage your employees to engage and have input in business decisions, then a collaboration zone will be an excellent addition to your office.  

A space painted in colours to boost productivity, furnished with creative pieces, and dotted with inspiring artwork can help get your employees’ creative juices flowing in a comfortable environment.

Furthermore, a collaborative workspace can be used for informal meetings, i.e. celebrating team or business successes.  

A space where employees can share thoughts will help to build a sense of community where they are working towards a common goal. This is a powerful driver for collective productivity and workplace culture. It enables innovative thinking, where a unique set of skills can come together and experiment with different ideas.

Collaborative thinking is a key advantage for any business that wants to get a step ahead of the competition.

6. Soft Seating Area

workers in soft seating in an office

Your team will most likely spend their work hours at a desk in an office environment.

Sitting in the same position for long periods can become uncomfortable and affect your employees’ consistency in their productivity levels so a soft seating area within an office environment is essential.

Your employees will experience better productivity if they have the opportunity to step away from their workstations.

Incorporating comfortable seating, such as sofas and beanbags, encourages employees to leave their desks to relax, recharge, and effectively continue their work when they return from their breaks.

7. Quiet Zones

woman working in quiet zone in office

Breakout spaces, seating areas, and outside spaces allow employees to connect; however, sometimes, people need a quiet space to have those head-down moments for pressing deadlines or distraction-free work. 

A quiet space should be a room or area free of distractions. For example, a calm space could be an area where mobile phones aren’t allowed and talking is restricted. 

Alternatively, you may provide office phone booths as a quiet zone area for your employees if they wish to divide their working day, disengaging from the noise and bustle that can often come with a large office.

8. Showers

bathrooms in an office building with showers

Your employees may cycle into work or enjoy a run on their break, so renting office space with a shower area would be a smart move for your business, helping to create a holistic workspace for employees to establish a healthy work-life balance.

By providing showers, you will further demonstrate your support for your employees’ physical health and well-being, making incorporating exercise into their daily commute or breaks easier.

9. Bike Storage

bike storage outside an office space

More and more people are reducing their carbon footprint by biking to work instead of driving or commuting by public transport. So businesses have to keep up with this trend to support their employees and demonstrate their dedication to becoming a greener business.

You can support your employees’ transportation choices by ensuring that you have bike storage at your workplace. Your employees will be more inclined to cycle to work if they are confident that their bikes will be safely and securely stored. 

It can also mean the difference between them choosing to work for your business or not, especially if they cycle to work for financial reasons. 

Lastly, by having an office in London with bike storage, you will be helping your employees to exercise easily, which has many benefits.

For example, exercise helps to reduce anxiety and improve problem-solving abilities, both of which will increase a person’s performance at work.


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9 Design Features For A Productive Workplace

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