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Tech talent: The balance of power

COVID-19 has altered the balance of power between employer and employee, particularly in the tech sector, where skilled workers are in high demand. In this piece, we examine how the office will play a significant role in attracting and retaining talented workers in the tech sector. Over the course of this week, in a series of upcoming blogs, DeVono will examine the latest workplace trends in the tech sector, reflecting on our findings from this year’s London Tech Week.

While a technology firms’ success is driven by its product and/or concept, this is ultimately fuelled by those that contribute to it.  Having the right people onboard is key in any industry, however, in recent years the tech sector has felt acute pressure due to a shortage of talent, exacerbated not least of all by the pandemic. The high level of demand for tech talent has meant that the balance of power now firmly lies with the worker – but what does this mean for the physical office space?

Simply put, the office is the ‘front door’ to any business, and first impressions last. Providing a workplace that people are lured to enjoy spending time in, and which supports their role should not be understated. This is especially true when competitors might be offering more enticing workplaces with greater amenity and focus on well-being, thereby providing an opportunity to move to another firm with a ‘superior’ working environment. The transient nature of tech workers makes this a lot more pressing.

The building itself, and the amenities it provides, the design of the office space within it,  the location, ease and cost of commute, are the major elements that influence a worker’s impression of their existing/future working environment. Other factors include how the space can facilitate new ways of working such as the much-talked-about hybrid model. It is noteworthy that technology adoption is the catalyst to help ensure a smooth-running workplace, creative benefits for those in the office, and the chance for enhanced collaboration, both professionally, and socially.

All of these aspects will go a long way in creating the optimum workspace for the tech employee. Deploying the office as a tool and incubator for talent should be a core part of any business strategy.

Looking ahead, tech firms must not underestimate the role that the office can play in attracting and maintaining talent. Strategic investment into your office space now will pay dividends later as tech companies seek to gain subtle but critical advantages over their competitors in terms of workplace attractiveness. The team at DeVono are well placed to advise your organisation on how to best make such investments into your office space in the months and years ahead as you seek to navigate the future world of work.

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Tech talent: The balance of power

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