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Making your office enticing to workers and prospective employees

As a result of the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, workers are now slowly returning to the office, albeit with a significant degree of hybrid working still in place. Due to changes in working practices, the expectations of the role of the office have changed and are likely to change in the future. While a degree of flexible working will remain for office workers across the globe, employers need to ensure that office spaces remain enticing to help attract employees and key talent back into the office to help foster corporate culture and working collaboration.

In this blog, DeVono has highlighted the top three things that employers should consider to ensure their office remains attractive to current and prospective employees.


1. Designing an appealing workplace

Despite the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in England, many individuals are still concerned about the impact of the coronavirus. Although companies are no longer legally required to comply with COVID-secure measures, we would recommend that organisations keep these in mind to address any employee concerns around COVID-19. DeVono is well placed to assist to ensure your office design mitigates any such fears around COVID-19 and delivers your desired workplace strategy.

Undoubtedly, increased levels of flexible working are galvanising the current desire for office redesign. Redesigning the workplace could include the creation of additional collaboration areas, video conferencing meeting rooms,, or installing new amenities to encourage the sort of serendipitous interaction that the office will always trump the home with.

Throughout the pandemic, our design and build team, Dthree Studio, has helped many businesses navigate through the immediate uncertainty and helped them to find design solutions that best meet their business needs. Dthree knows that employees are a business’s biggest asset and, therefore, their primary concern. Because of this, offices will have to work harder than ever before to bring people back together. Dthree create engaging and inspirational environments that not only prioritise your employee’s mental health and wellbeing but also support their individual and collective needs. Business leaders have been given a unique opportunity to rethink their work environments and understand what works, but more importantly what doesn’t – a prospect that must not be overlooked when determining the role of the office.

Find out more about our design and build partners, Dthree Studio.


2. Consider a ‘Hub and Spoke’ office strategy

With many employees now expected to come into the office for at least a few days a week, employers may need to consider more carefully the location of their office space. In the past, having an office in a city centre or urban metropolis may have been an ideal if not a requisite strategy. However, with increased levels of flexible working, a ‘hub and spoke’ approach, with workers dispersed across numerous sites, could be an alternative commercial real estate strategy to accommodate worker needs moving forward.

A ‘Hub and Spoke’ strategy is not new but considering the increased desire for workers to operate on a more flexible basis, this approach may best suit your business. The main, or ‘Hub’ office would continue to be situated in a major city centre in such a strategy, with ‘spoke’ offices typically located on the outskirts of a major metropolitan area to give easy access to commuting workers living outside the city centre.

Find out more about adopting a ‘Hub & Spoke’ office strategy.

3. Environmental sustainability

Over recent years, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) measures have become more critical for businesses of all sizes across the globe. Indeed, with increased public concerns about climate change and considering the upcoming COP 26 conference, expectations on companies to contribute to carbon emission reduction will only rise in the years ahead.

Considering this, employers should strive to make their offices as sustainable as possible. This includes office design and introducing sustainably sourced and manufactured products and materials or adopting protocols around minimising office waste and energy consumption. DeVono’s design and build team, Dthree Studio, are qualified experts at helping organisations maximise sustainability in office design. Dthree provides step-by-step guidance to help organizations design a more environmentally friendly office and assisting them in sourcing the most sustainable materials in the process.

Find out more about Sustainability in the Workplace you can read our blog on the top 10 sustainability issues to look out for in 2021.


Conclusion: navigating the return to the office and the future of work

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to new working norms, with all business sectors having been impacted. Looking to the future, employers must ensure that their office space is attractive to employees while also being fit for purpose. Organisations should consider the above elements and how their office space can contribute to their strategic aims, talent plan, operating model, and financial priorities. DeVono stands ready to assist your organisation as you navigate these challenges, return to your office, and navigate the future of work.

For assistance with your commercial property needs, contact DeVono today at or +44(0) 20 7096 9911.

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Making your office enticing to workers and prospective employees

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