The case for having an office in London

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the most extensive work from home experiment on us ever. As employees in various industries have become used to working from home, many have questioned the role and purpose of office space, especially having an office in London, and other cities and metropolitan centres.

As lockdown measures are set to ease across the UK soon, we can be hopeful of returning to some form of normality as the COVID-19 virus is wrestled under control thanks to the success of the country’s vaccination programme. At DeVono, we recognise that home working has its benefits. However, we believe that working in a physical office space can foster company culture, spark innovation, and encourage employee collaboration.

Prestige gained from an office in London

London is a UK and global centre of commercial activity, with thousands of UK and international companies headquartered in the British capital. Since our founding in 2003, DeVono has helped many businesses find suitable offices in London.

From Mayfair to Marylebone, and Canary Wharf to the City of London, many areas of London are instantly recognisable across the globe. Choosing your base from a range of serviced offices in the city of London can position your company positively, especially in the eyes of potential international customers and investors. DeVono is uniquely positioned in the UK Real Estate market due to our commitment to represent only corporate occupiers. Our commitment to occupier-only representation ensures that we are free from the many conflicts of interest found elsewhere in the commercial property industry. If you are looking to find an office in London, you can rest assured that DeVono is acting solely in your interest, and not on the behalf of landlords.

Find out more about why occupier-only representation is so important.


Location, location, location

City of London skyline with Gherkin in shot

Numerous businesses seek to locate their headquarters and office in London but are unsure of the best location for their office space. With budget being one of the main issues constraining real estate decisions, DeVono’s consultants take a holistic view of your business and its commercial objectives to find offices to rent in London that suit you.

Despite its reputation as an expensive city, we are confident that there are serviced offices in Central London to accommodate all budgets. DeVono produces an Office Market Rent Map every quarter to provide prospective clients with serviced office rents and current rental values for Grade A and Grade B leasehold space across London.

Discover more about the cost of renting an office in London by viewing our Central London Office Rent Guide.


Taking a flexible approach with your office in London

Empty London office space

For many businesses that are either start-ups or are still uncertain of the future due to COVID-19, DeVono strongly recommends utilising serviced office space. No longer used just by start-ups, businesses across all sectors secure London serviced offices.

The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded uncertainty, and one of the biggest challenges for high-growth businesses is not knowing how quickly they will grow or can scale.

Serviced offices in Central London address this dilemma with short licence terms allowing occupiers to move to different office spaces at comparatively short notice. If your organisation is looking to rent an office in London for the first time, is facing uncertainty due to COVID-19, or are unsure about future growth, then serviced office space is likely to be the solution for you. With our team of flexible specialists with over 30-years of experience in the sector, we can guide you every step of the way as you seek to find the right offices to let in London.

London is home to a plentiful supply of affordable serviced office space, you can view some of the most affordable areas for such space.


Securing your office in London

Signing contract to secure London office

For businesses that are seeking to find an office in London for the first time, we understand how the task can be daunting with such a wide variety of areas and offices to choose from. However, DeVono has operated in London since 2003. Our consultants have provided expert real estate advisory services to businesses at all stages of the real estate journey.

If you are new to finding offices to rent in London or are already located within the capital and are seeking to move, rest assured that we can help your organisation during this challenging time. Having an internationally recognisable address listed for your business confers a level of prestige upon your organisation. Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the capital’s office market and stand ready to assist you in searching for an office in London.

Get in touch with the DeVono team today on +(0) 20 7096 9911 or email us at for more information on offices to let in London.

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The case for having an office in London

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