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Office23: Stage 1 – React

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly accelerated changes in the workplace, with businesses having to adapt to working from home overnight, and adopt new hybrid working models. Unsurprisingly, many organisations have still not settled on their optimal working style. DeVono’s Office23 solution is designed to help businesses find the right workplace solution for them. In this blog, we highlight the premise of our Office23 solution, discuss the current challenges organisations are facing, and discuss the ‘React’ stage of the Office23 journey.

Our team can help you through each stage of this journey to reach Office23 with both a physical workplace and a workplace strategy that are fit for the future.

Why ‘Office23’

Just as the last 18 months have brought change, we expect a further period of evolution as businesses continue to adjust to the ‘new normal’ and calibrate their workplace strategy over the next 18 months. As we move closer to 2023, we should see stability in worldwide working patterns, and a long-term redefinition of what the office must deliver for organisations. Office23 defines your business’s future of work and ideal working solutions. Find out more about the return to the office, long term real estate trends, and DeVono’s Office23 offer on our latest podcast here.

React (2020-2021)

The initial React stage of the Office23 journey is drawing to a close, and primarily involved DeVono consulting organisations on how to support a more engaged and efficient workforce as well as ensuring they converted their offices into COVID-secure workplaces, all whilst alleviating employee fears about the safe return to the office. DeVono guided around 200 of our clients through the React phase by helping them to convert their office space into COVID-secure compliant spaces, according to government guidelines. For businesses that have not already progressed through this stage of the Office23 journey, we strongly advise that you seek professional guidance from the likes of DeVono to ensure your office space is COVID-secure for the foreseeable future.

Your journey to Office23

DeVono’s Office23 solution provides insight on your culture, balances the needs of your business and people, identifies your hybrid working style, reimagines your space, and more. Our team will consider critical factors impacting many aspects your business, including talent challenges, headcount forecasts, operational priorities, digital experience, and cost considerations. The office is still a crucial part of society and will continue to be in the years ahead. Business leaders would be wise to use the next 18-months to conduct a wholesale review of their real estate and workplace strategy to ensure they foster a positive company culture, attract and retain the best talent, and continue to benefit from the effect of having more productive and engaged employees. For assistance with your Office23 and future workplace strategy, contact DeVono today. We are here to help you and advise you on all commercial property needs.

For more information about our Office23 offer, contact Amanda Irwin, DeVono;’s Head of Workplace Consultancy, on +44 (0) 7392 922690, or via email at:

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Office23: Stage 1 – React

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