Top 10 Coworking Office Spaces in the City of London

In recent years, coworking office spaces have surged in popularity, redefining how businesses operate in London’s bustling centre. Startups, new business owners, and seasoned directors increasingly use these flexible, collaborative environments to meet their workspace needs.

But what are coworking office spaces, and which are the top spaces available in the City of London? In this article, we’ll explore coworking spaces and the best offices available within this area of the city, helping you discover the ideal workplace for your company.

What are coworking office spaces?

These dynamic work environments are designed to foster collaboration and innovation. Coworking offices bring together professionals from various companies, offering a shared area where individuals, small businesses, startups, and even larger enterprises can collaborate. For larger organisations, they are ideal for when more people than usual work at the same time. 

Coworking spaces provide a modern, affordable solution for those who prefer a bustling atmosphere over isolation, offering flexibility through short-term commitments. They come fully equipped with essential services, including furniture, advanced IT infrastructure, and telecom facilities, and are ideal hubs for businesses seeking a vibrant, cost-effective, fully-equipped workspace.

What are the best coworking office spaces in the City of London?

London, a thriving hub for diverse business industries, is a fantastic area for entrepreneurs and established corporations. Its strategic location and excellent commuting options via train, tube, and bus networks make it an ideal business epicentre. 

Among the myriad of coworking spaces, DeVono presents a curated selection, each offering a unique combination of convenience, amenities, and vibrant community, providing the perfect backdrop for your business ventures.

Take a look at the best coworking offices in the City of London.

322 High Holborn, Holborn (WC1V 7PB)

322 high holborn coworking office space

High Holborn is ideal if you want stunning interiors to match your business’s fantastic nature. This space is located near Chancery Lane Station, providing local transport links to support employees and clients travelling to your impressive workplace. With its open plan and large windows, your staff can work in a light, spacious office that fosters communication and ingenuity.

Equally, its 24/7 access offers a great source of productivity, ensuring flexibility that matches your work rhythm. 

The vibrant atmosphere extends to well-designed breakout spaces and a business lounge, fostering creativity and collaboration. Refresh with onsite showers and enjoy the convenience of a staffed reception. Thoughtful touches like tea points elevate your workspace experience, making it a perfect choice for professionals seeking a dynamic, well-equipped coworking environment in London’s bustling Holborn district.

12-18 Theobalds Road, Holborn (WC1X 8SL)

12-18 theobalds road office space

Our grand Theobalds Road offices are perfect for those wanting a workplace as unique as their business. The rooms are tastefully decorated, offering a stylish environment with plenty of space to convene with clients or collaborate with colleagues. The wooden ceiling beams also provide a sense of rustic elegance, making your office a charming place to work.

Embrace nature via the inviting outside space, offering a refreshing ambience for brainstorming and relaxation. This coworking office space in London also boasts thoughtfully designed breakout spaces, fostering creativity and spontaneous collaboration, and 24/7 access allows your workday to adapt to your needs. 

Elevate your meetings with well-equipped meeting rooms, ensuring your business discussions are conducted professionally. Plus, enjoy the convenience of tea points, adding a touch of comfort to your work routine. It’s the perfect blend of functionality and inspiration for your business endeavours.

70 St Mary Axe (EC3A 8BE)

70 st mary axe office space

For those wanting to be surrounded by everything the City of London has to offer, 70 St Mary Axe epitomises convenience and sophistication. Its varying transport links include Heathrow Airport (only 33 minutes away) and Liverpool Street Station and Aldgate Station, both much closer; this beautiful building gives you all the benefits London provides its residents.

Enjoy 24/7 access, ensuring your work fits your schedule seamlessly. Elevate your meetings in well-appointed meeting rooms, fostering productivity and professionalism. 

Find inspiration in the cosy cafe or the vibrant business lounge, perfectly complemented by a fully staffed reception for your convenience. A fully equipped kitchen with fruits and snacks adds a delightful touch to your workday. Immerse in comfort with strategically placed tea points, while the added perk of being a mere 10-minute walk from Leadenhall Market makes this space a prime choice.

79-81 Borough Road (SE1 1DN)

79-81 borough road office space

Experience a harmonious blend of work and relaxation at 79-81 Borough Road. With its industrial character and collaboration spaces, this office perfectly balances business professionalism and employee comfort. The space is in Elephant and Castle, providing all the luxuries this area offers.

This London coworking office provides 24/7 access, ensuring your productivity remains unrestrained. 

Unwind after a day’s work in the cosy ambience of the breakout spaces or savour a moment of tranquillity in the refreshing outside space. Enjoy the convenience of a cafe and a fully equipped kitchen, while the availability of meeting rooms ensures seamless business discussions. Refresh at the onsite gym and showers, adding wellness to your work routine. 

Also, the delightful inclusion of beer and wine elevates networking to a pleasurable experience, making it a top solution for professionals in the city.

Rivington Street, Shoreditch (EC2A 3AY)

rivington street office space

Immerse yourself in London’s creativity at Rivington Street, Shoreditch. This modern office provides light, open areas to work and plenty of collaboration space, ideal for those wanting to brainstorm with staff or complete group tasks.

This coworking solution goes beyond workspaces, offering a vibrant event space to foster networking and collaboration. Enjoy culinary delights in the fully equipped kitchen, and stay fit in the onsite gym. Conduct seamless business discussions in well-appointed meeting rooms, find inspiration in the inviting outside space, and rejuvenate after a productive day with onsite showers.

Additionally, with 24/7 access, this space adapts to your work rhythm, making it a prime option for startups and professionals seeking an innovative, flexible, and inclusive workspace in Shoreditch.

14 Bird Street (W1U 1BU)

14 bird street office space

Step into the epitome of sophistication at 14 Bird Street, where coworking meets elegance. This stylish space features a neutral colour scheme, bringing a light air to the office. Look out over bustling London streets with the large windows, and take advantage of the local transport links like Bond Street Station.

Enjoy the flexibility of 24/7 access, tailoring your work hours to your needs. Foster creativity in the inviting breakout spaces and conduct business discussions in the well-equipped meeting rooms. Indulge your sweet tooth in the onsite cafe and network in style in the chic event space. 

Furthermore, after work, unwind with a selection of beer and wine, or stay active in the onsite gym. Then, embrace the outdoors in the serene outside space, making this venue a harmonious blend of work and leisure.

6-8 Greencoat Place (SW1P 1PL)

6-8 greencoat place office space

Experience unparalleled convenience and versatility at 6-8 Greencoat Place, a coworking space in London tailored for success. This office has access to one of the largest transport networks in London, making it an excellent place for businesses. The skylights make the most of daylight, providing a bright, open space to work.

Use the flexibility of 24/7 access, allowing you to work at your own pace. Stimulate your creativity in the well-designed breakout spaces and fuel your productivity with access to fully equipped meeting rooms and a modern kitchen. Stay active and healthy with the convenience of an onsite gym and secure bike storage. 

Furthermore, revel in the prestigious location near Westminster and Buckingham Palace, making this space ideal for those seeking a strategic and sophisticated workspace in the City of London.

53-64 Chancery Ln (WC2A 1QS)

53-56 chancery lane office space

For those wanting a combination of productivity and relaxation, 53-64 Chancery Lane provides a coworking space designed for success. Moreover, the series of sofas and desks create the ideal office for staff to work, whatever their preference.

Chancery Lane Station offers transport for clients and colleagues alike, with Holborn Station and Farringdon Station also within walking distance. 

Tailor your work hours to your needs with the freedom of 24/7 access. Savour delectable treats in the onsite cafe and find inspiration in the inviting outside space. Stay fit and refreshed with access to an onsite gym and showers, ensuring your well-being is prioritised. 

With the convenience of a cafe for networking and rejuvenation, this space offers a perfect equilibrium between work and leisure, making it an optimal possibility within the City of London.

1 Pancras Square (N1C 4AG)

1 pancras square office space

Heighten your work experience at 1 Pancras Square, where innovation meets convenience. With its acknowledgement of King’s Cross’s Victorian history through its circular pillars, this stylish building offers sophistication and elegance. 

Additionally, King’s Cross Station, King’s Cross St. Pancras Station and St Pancras Station are all nearby, allowing staff to commute to and from work easily.

The flexibility of 24/7 access allows you to shape your workday according to your preferences. Recharge in the refreshing outside space, fostering creativity and relaxation. Engage in collaborative endeavours in the versatile event space and refuel in the modern kitchen. Then, freshen up after a productive day with convenient showers and benefit from the efficiency of a staffed reception. 

You can use the well-equipped meeting rooms for business discussions and store your bike securely with onsite bike storage. Plus, relish the scenic view overlooking Pancras Square, making this space a blend of functionality and aesthetics.

81-87 High Holborn (WC1V 6DF)

81-87 high holborn office space

Embrace a holistic approach to work at 81-87 High Holborn, combining productivity and well-being. With the luscious greenery and sensitive lighting, these spaces provide a comfortable, stylish working day. 

Additionally, Holborn Station and Chancery Lane Station supply multiple transport links, opening your business to your staff and clients around the city.

Encourage your creativity in thoughtfully designed breakout spaces and discuss business in established meeting rooms, basking in the efficiency of a staffed reception.

Lastly, rejuvenate after a busy day in convenient showers and elevate networking experiences with a selection of beer and wine while the modern kitchen caters to your culinary needs. This space prioritises wellness, providing areas for both quiet concentration and collaborative creation.

In London’s vibrant business world, finding the right workspace is critical. Our exploration of coworking spaces in the City of London has uncovered diverse hubs suitable for various businesses and industries. These spaces foster collaboration, networking, and innovation, all within an affordable framework.

For more information, contact DeVono today and see how we can help you find the ideal coworking office in London for your business.

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