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Top 10 Offices in the Mayfair Area

Mayfair, located in the heart of London, is known for being a prestigious business hub.

Known for its elegance and historical significance, it offers many of the high-end office spaces. 

The prime location is a magnet for businesses looking to establish a presence in one of the most sought-after areas in the city. 

This article will review the top 10 office spaces in Mayfair, highlighting their features and current availability based on listings from Devono’s website.

1. Warwick Street

warwick street office space

Our Warwick Street office space shows a mix of historical architecture with modern facilities. 

The office spaces here are designed to meet the needs of contemporary businesses, offering state-of-the-art facilities and a professional environment. 

Its location provides excellent connectivity to major transport links, making it easy for employees and clients to access. 

Additionally, the proximity to local business hubs adds to its appeal, making it a great choice for companies seeking Mayfair offices.

2. Regent Street

regent street office space

This space stands out with its thoughtfully designed workspace layout and elegant design. 

It features special facilities such as high-speed internet, advanced security systems, and comfortable communal areas. 

Located in the centre of Mayfair, Regent Street offers employees and clients a variety of nearby dining and shopping options. 

This location advantage makes sure that businesses can entertain clients and provide a good work environment for their staff.

3. Grosvenor Hill

grosvenor hill office space

This is known for its sustainability features and contemporary design. 

The office space matches eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems, matching modern corporate responsibility values. 

The area encourages community engagement and networking opportunities, with many local events and business meetups. 

This environment is great for companies looking to build strong professional relationships and a sustainable business presence in our Grosvenor Hill office space

4. Swallow Place

swallow place office space

This is the place for any established tech company or startup. 

It boasts cutting-edge tech integrations and robust office security features, ensuring a safe and innovative workspace. 

Our Swallow Place office space layouts cater to the dynamic needs of growing tech firms, offering scalability and adaptability.

Located in a bustling part of Mayfair, it provides an energetic atmosphere perfect for creative and tech-driven enterprises.

5. Heddon Street

heddon street

This office features unique interior designs that cater to creative work environments. 

The offices here are vibrant and inspiring, making them ideal for businesses in creative industries, then our Hebdon Street office space is the place for you. 

Heddon Street is also known for its mix of dining and entertainment options, providing plenty of choices for team outings and client meetings. 

The presence of notable businesses and landmarks nearby furthers its desirability for companies looking to make a mark in Mayfair. 

6. Dover Street

dover street office space

Our Dover Street office space offers luxury fittings and exclusive access features, giving a premium experience for businesses and their clients. 

Located near some of London’s most prestigious art galleries and luxury retailers, it provides an elegant and sophisticated setting. 

This location is perfect for companies that value exclusivity and wish to be associated with the high-end culture of Mayfair.

7. Sackville Street

sackville street office space

This space was created with flexibility in mind, offering various office layouts and scalability options. 

This makes it a suitable choice for growing businesses that require adaptable spaces. 

The offices are equipped with modern fixtures and provide a professional environment for business growth. 

Our Sackville Street office space features in a central location in Mayfair and allows easy access to transportation and essential services. 

8. Wigmore Street

wigmore street office space

Our Wigmore Street office space has a crossover appeal for businesses operating in both Marylebone and Mayfair. 

It prioritises health and wellness facilities, such as fitness centres and wellness programs, promoting a healthy work-life balance for employees. 

The convenient location offers a relaxed yet connected environment, making it an attractive option for businesses looking for a balanced and productive workspace.

9. Bruton Street

bruton street office space

This space is distinguished by its bespoke design and premium client-facing amenities. 

These offices are tailored to meet the highest standards, providing an impressive environment for meetings and business dealings. 

This area is full of cultural attractions, including galleries and high-end fashion boutiques, this Bruton Street office space offers a vibrant and stylish setting. 

This location is ideal for businesses that prioritise a prestigious and visually appealing office space.

10. Bolton Street

bolton street office space

This Bolton Street office space is known for its improved security features and exclusivity, making it an excellent choice for high-profile companies or industries that require discretion. 

The offices are designed to provide a secure and private working environment, making sure that sensitive business operations are conducted safely. 

Located in a quieter part of Mayfair, Bolton Street offers a calm yet sophisticated setting for discerning businesses.

Each of these Mayfair offices provides unique features and advantages, making them ideal choices for various business needs. 

From the modern amenities of Warwick Street to the luxury of Dover Street, and the flexibility of Sackville Street to the creative environments of Heddon Street, there’s an office space to suit every requirement. 


Companies looking to set up or relocate their offices in Mayfair can find detailed information and current listings here on our website. 

Selecting the right office space in Mayfair can significantly impact a business’s success, providing a prestigious address and a conducive environment for growth. 

For more details or to schedule a visit, contact Devono and explore these prime office spaces in person.

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Top 10 Offices in the Mayfair Area

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