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Will an Office Space With a Gym Motivate Employees?

Since the Covid-19 crisis, there has been a greater focus on maintaining healthy workforces by businesses, even becoming a top priority. There is a greater understanding concerning the impact businesses have on their employees, and they are aware that they need to offer support and keep their staff happy. This, in turn, can help to maintain staff numbers in the company and reduce the number of absences. One way an establishment can do this is by introducing an office gym.

By having a gym in the workplace and keeping fit in the office, you can take advantage of the various benefits that come with it, such as increased motivation within your team. A more motivated group of people can work more effectively, and allowing office workouts is a simple way to achieve this. DeVono can also help you find office space with an on-site gym in the workplace that you can use for your company.

Take a look at the 5 benefits of having a workplace gym that your staff, and you by extension, can take advantage of.

5 Ways a Gym Can Enhance Employee Productivity

1) Reduces Stress

stressed man working out in gym

Having a job that comes with a range of stresses,  can in turn impact the overall  health of your employees. Stress is one of the primary reasons for absenteeism within a workplace, and long-term stress can trigger a range of health issues that can impact work productivity. It can also reduce employee satisfaction whilst at work.

Having an office gym is a great way for people to reduce stress. If you provide office exercise equipment for your staff, they can use it as a stress reliever. Norepinephrine hormones are released when someone does a workout, which can help to reduce stress and improve their mood. It can also enhance brain function, which would make employees work more effectively, and can reduce the number of absences from the office that are a result of stress-related illnesses.

2) Motivates Employees

Motivated business woman happy with her progress

A gym in your office is a great way to boost motivation in employees, which can be seen positively through their work. Exercise can lead to more sleep and better brain function, which can improve how your staff performs and therefore the work they carry out for the business.

When a person exercises, an array of chemicals are released into the body. These chemicals can do a range of things, such as reducing stress. They can also improve a person’s overall mood, which can make them feel more motivated and productive as a result.

3) Attracting new talent

Job interview and candidate selection for employment

An important part of motivating your staff is ensuring your business has a good image, not only for your potential clients but also for your employees. By incorporating a gym into your office, you not only improve your employee benefits which will help to retain your current talent, but you will also enhance your chances of attracting new talent in today’s competitive market.

Top talent may look specifically for a business with upgraded employee benefits for work opportunities. This means that there are more people to interview for vacancies within the company, and you can therefore be more selective when you choose who to employ.

The gym can be seen as a perk for working in the office, meaning your staff attendance will also increase and employees will feel less inclined to search for other job opportunities outside of your establishment.

4) Team Building

Group of young employees working out in the gym together
Group of young people training at the gym, indoors. Maintaining sportive lifestyle

A gym doesn’t just need to be for individual exercises. It can be used for group activities too.

Having a gym located in the same building as the office, means it can easily be used for team-building activities, such as dance and yoga sessions. By doing these workouts together, co-workers can build a sense of camaraderie between them, which can help them connect better with each other.

This is an opportunity for your employees to spend time together outside of the office environment and form friendships and better bonds. Having this development of connections within your staff increases the likelihood of a more positive company culture and morale being formed in the workplace, as well as enhances the opportunity for cross-department collaboration during office hours.

5) Job Satisfaction

Employees happy with their jobs

If a person is satisfied with their job, they are less likely to look elsewhere for opportunities. With the current cost of living, more people are struggling financially. Whilst they may not be able to afford a gym membership outside of the office, having one within the workplace can be an additional facility that staff can take advantage of.

Giving your staff access to an office gym can improve the company’s image to its employees as it shows that they, and their welfare, are cared for. This gives them more reasons to stay within the business and can reduce staff turnover, and can improve their overall performance whilst working.

Available London Office Spaces With A Gym

DeVono offer an array of offices in London, some of which come with gyms that can be used by staff. These include:

Devonshire Square

Devonshire Square meeting room

Available for up to 78 people, Devonshire Square starts from £11,839 PCM at the time of writing. Not only does it have a gym, but it also has lockers and showers that employees can use. Additionally, there are tea points, and this office provides a mailing address that you can utilise. It has various local stations that provide access to different tube lines throughout the city, including London Liverpool Street Station, Aldgate East Station and Bank Station, and overground stations are also accessible.

Aldersgate Street

Aldersgate Street

Starting from £1,350 PCM at the time of writing, Aldersgate Street can be used by up to 25 people and has a gym on-site for staff to utilise. With outside space and meeting rooms that you can take advantage of, this office space also has phone booths and breakout spaces so you can find the right space for you and your colleagues to work in. There is also a kitchen and tea points, and the office provides 24/7 access.

Victoria House

Victoria House

A gym is available for this office space, along with lockers and showers, and the bike storage is ideal for people who cycle to and from work. Pets are welcome in Victoria House, and there is a cafe, tea points, kitchen and fruit and snacks for employees to use. It is available for up to 9 people and prices start at £8,550 PCM at the time of writing, and there are various local tube stations that people can use for commuting.

North Row

One Avenue Group - North Row

With a gym and showers on offer, this office space has access to an array of local tube stations, including Marble Arch Station, and its nearby overground station is London Marylebone Station. North Row starts at £8800 PCM at the time of writing and can be used by up to 24 people, and both showers and a gym are on offer. It also contains a business lounge and meeting rooms, and the reception is staffed.

If you are looking for office space in London, there are numerous options on offer with a range of facilities, so you can find the ideal one for your business. DeVono have an array of offices available so you can find the space that suits you. If you are looking for additional features within your office space, contact us and see how we can help you find what you are looking for.

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Will an Office Space With a Gym Motivate Employees?

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