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With the serviced office industry growing fast, it’s becoming the preferred solution for many businesses looking for flexibility, practicality and cost efficiency. Finding prime office space can be a problem for London based businesses, particularly if budgets are tight. Serviced office space ticks all of the boxes and allows businesses of any size to get established within the Capital. All you have to do is rent space and move in, which you can do within 24 hours if required

Serviced office space is flexible and managed so it comes entirely ready to use. The on-site operations team maintain the building and provide facilities, support and services day to day. Contract terms are dictated by how long you need the office for which can be anything from three months and upwards. Whether the move is long term, project space, business expansion or your simply trying out a new area close to a client – Flexibility is key!

With a sophisticated infrastructure on tap, your company culture is showcased and will ensure the business reputation is enhanced. By working with DeVono you are assured of a trusted partner who can provide expert advice & support. We have a dedicated serviced office agency team on hand to manage relocation process from start to finish.

So let’s take a look at 6 reasons why global businesses are turning to serviced office space:

1. Set up easily in a new location

If you’re based overseas or elsewhere in the UK and want to get a foothold in London, then serviced office space can be far more manageable and cost efficient. Setting up a new base can be time-consuming and difficult to cost, and committing to a long-term lease may not be advisable from day one. Serviced offices are purposely designed to address this dilemma, with flexible licence terms allowing you to move at comparatively short notice and without the hassle of renegotiating a lengthy conventional lease.


2. Begin operating immediately

Serviced offices come fully furnished, allowing you to focus on running your business while management and reception staff are on hand to handle maintenance tasks, greet your visitors and answer calls. All you have to do is move in. A serviced office also provides the perfect opportunity to get a feel of the location and how it compliments your business, before setting up a permanent office. The risks are much lower and the ability to change quickly is in-built.


3. Gain a prestigious address overnight

Whatever type of global business you have, image is always important, and one only has to look at some of London’s best serviced offices to see why they can offer a home-from-home setup for an any business. Far from being nameless workstations tucked away on the outskirts of the City, the modern serviced office space is packed with personality, with stimulating breakout spaces, impressive meeting rooms and quirky design features that will certainly get clients and customers talking.

DeVono offers a complimentary search service and our knowledge of the market crucial to access every available space – including those properties which are classed as off-market. After taking your initial brief we will be able to propose additional areas and buildings that could be well suited to the business, but you perhaps hadn’t thought of looking in the area previously


4. Accommodate rapid business growth

One of the biggest challenges for start-ups and high-growth businesses is not knowing exactly how quickly your business will grow. With serviced office space, you can forget about the stress of purchasing desks and equipment, organising communications and booking removal men. You can sit back and focus on your day to day business activities, with staff settled and working as usual from the get go. Most conventional lease terms aren’t designed to accommodate high growth, but with a serviced office you have the flexibility to just add more space knowing that you won’t be tied to a lengthy (and costly) contract.


5. Lease flexibility

Increasingly, businesses are opting to be as flexible as possible. With serviced offices, the occupancy agreement takes the form of a licence rather than a lease, offering greater freedom to come and go. If your business needs are difficult to predict, a rolling renewable monthly or annual licence could be the best way forward. Also, because you are paying for services as and when you need them, upfront costs will be reduced and savings made.

6. Easily access a quality London location

Serviced office space can be found in some of London’s most recognisable commercial properties, from skyscrapers like the Gherkin and The Shard, to some of Marylebone and Mayfair’s period buildings. To explore what a serviced office in a prime location could mean for your business, download our exclusive free guide.

Are you ready to take a closer look at what London has to offer? Search for serviced office space and let DeVono help you find your perfect place in the capital.

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