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Technology Solutions Supporting the Hybrid Workplace – Achieving a Seamless Digital Experience


The COVID pandemic forced many businesses to adapt their operations and work remotely; much to people’s surprise, the mass working from home experiment was, for the most part, successful. While the return-to-the-office has been picking up pace in recent months, the past two years has undoubtedly shifted employer and workforce expectations of where, when, and how we work with a hybrid approach gaining traction with businesses of all sizes. The greatest facilitator of this has been technology; whether it has been increased adoption of cloud-based technologies, or even collaboration platforms, general investment in technology was the saviour of many businesses.

However, what worked temporarily may not well fit new working patterns to ensure that the next stage of the workplace evolution. As businesses steam towards a future incarnation of the office and begin to embed short-term and long-term working strategies, how can the office experience for users be seamless whether they login from home, the coffee shop, or your office?

DeVono and Trustek have launched a paper that sets out what a technology roadmap might look like, from discovering what resources you may already have to clever improvements or additions and, finally, the importance of implementation and training.  With more than 10,000 PropTech solutions alone and thousands more digital solutions currently available within the marketplace, finding the right one(s) to support a hybrid working strategy has become a new challenge that business leaders are to contend with. Where do you start?


Every business has its challenges with workplace strategy; we have identified six common areas of concern that are top of mind for our clients. For each of these challenges, we have created a three-step process to support a resolution with PropTech and IT solutions.

Whether it is understanding attendance and access, tracking office utilisation, or ensuring that each worker can dial into a call and collaborate effectively remotely or in-person. There is a technology solution that is available and can support you.

Equally, for businesses establishing new sustainability targets, PropTech can help you achieve greater transparency on your current position and where you need to get to. This may involve adopting your own technology solution or identifying those that are available through your landlord or serviced office provider

A clear and thorough technology audit will help you cut through the jargon and save you from making expensive decisions that can often service one challenge and not feed into a wider strategy.


One of the key metrics that is used to quantify the success of any technology platform is adoption.

Adoption rates are notoriously hard to retain. Ensuring the best possible user experience within the technology you select will go a long way to ensuring the adoption levels stay as high as they can for as long as possible.

Any successfully implemented technology will come at the cost of time and money. However, making decisions based on data analysis and not sentiment will significantly reduce the risk of making the wrong decision. Adopting additional solutions and implementation within your own business is a decision that only you can make. It is imperative to understand the wants and needs of staff and their propensity to adopt or reject new technologies and mitigate with an equally well-considered change plan. We know there is no silver bullet when selecting the best technology and proptech solutions available on the market. However, through collaboration with DeVono and Trustek, we can enable businesses to understand their existing data, and implement the right solutions to affect meaningful change to create a better user experience for all in a future workplace, hybrid or not.

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Technology Solutions Supporting the Hybrid Workplace – Achieving a Seamless Digital Experience

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