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What Type Of Office Does A London Startup Need?

Renting a commercial office space in London can be a big commitment, particularly if you have a startup business and your budget is limited. However, DeVono can help make your office search easier with its portfolio of office rental spaces in London.

Additionally, with DeVono’s flexible arrangements, once you have chosen your startup business office space, you can scale up or scale down according to how your business grows.

Flexible and serviced office spaces allow for an alternative to traditional leasing; this hybrid solution provides the benefits of a furnished office workspace with the flexibility to add on various facilities.

This is especially beneficial for startup businesses that may not necessarily know what services they and their employees will need in the future. For example, they may decide that they require breakout rooms or outside spaces which, due to the flexibility of short-term rental agreements, can be accommodated by DeVono.

Why Would A Flexible Office In London Suit A Startup Business?

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With no long-term agreements, the flexible office spaces in London that DeVono offers can give startup businesses the confidence to establish themselves in their desired location without being tied into a lengthy contract.

The benefits of this include being able to:

Scale Up And Scale Down

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With any business, employee numbers can quickly fluctuate, especially for startup businesses, so the ability to scale up and scale down accordingly can save you a lot of money on rent. The flexibility to scale up and scale down can also be very beneficial if a business does not immediately know what size office space it will need.

Easily Relocate To A Different Area Of London

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When businesses have been operating for a while, they may gain a better sense of who they are, what they would like to achieve, and the type of customers they want to attract: all of the above can play a factor in the location they need to be in. So, the ability to relocate with ease can help businesses to establish themselves in a different office in a more suitable location without it being too costly and in a short space of time.

Additionally, this flexibility allows businesses to set up a second office. For example, they could rent an office in Shoreditch if they wish to expand.

Essentially, businesses will only have to pay for what they use, which is particularly beneficial for startup businesses that may be working on a tight budget.

Personalise Your London Office

Personalised London office space with employees working

Your brand goes way beyond your logo and typeface. A brand defines your business, by giving it a purpose and identity, as well as a unique personality that evokes an emotional connection with anyone who comes into contact with it.

Understanding how your office can be your brand’s biggest ambassador is a process our in-house design team are familiar with; they work closely alongside our clients during the design process to achieve an office space that suits their business.

Your workplace is where your business comes to life, and is therefore where your brand comes to life. Integrating your brand into your office design allows the space to communicate and reinforce who you are. It provides visitors with a true representation of your identity, purpose and personality – from the minute they enter the space, to the minute they leave it.

An office space that also supports a positive organisational culture creates a happy workforce, which leads to engaged and motivated staff who in turn will strive to provide a stellar service. It also helps businesses to attract like-minded people who want to be a part of the company – and drive it forward.

A functional workspace will help to bring your teams together, encouraging them to collaborate and communicate which is key to building strong working relationships and supporting each other individually as a collective.

What Else Can A Flexible Office In London Offer?

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A Serviced Office

With a serviced office space, furniture is included, such as desks and chairs, meaning you and your team can move in and immediately get to work.

Additionally, IT and telecoms infrastructure will be already installed in a serviced office space.

During your real estate journey, DeVono will support you and your business, making it easier to rent an office.

You will be effectively supported by a dedicated member of the DeVono team, which is invaluable, particularly to startup businesses that may not have the manpower, time, or expertise to understand what is required.

As your startup business expands, you may want to consider adding certain facilities to ensure your employees are happy, which will help to maintain a positive environment, which, in turn, will have a positive impact on productivity.

A Range Of Facilities

DeVono has a range of facilities on offer to provide a versatile experience for you and your employees.

Some of the facilities that DeVono offers include:

– Wifi

– Cafe

– Gym

– 24-hour reception

– Lounge area

– Event space

– Breakout space

There are many other facilities on offer, which will help you to have an office space that fits the unique needs of your business.

More Affordable London Office Space

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DeVono provides a more affordable way of renting than traditional leasing.

With an inclusive monthly fee, you will know exactly what you are paying for. Additionally, the monthly amount will be adjusted accordingly if you decide to scale up/scale down or add on any facilities, which ensures you only pay for what you use.

Renting a flexible office space is generally a more cost-effective solution for businesses that have large teams. So, if you have a startup business, your office space will become cheaper as your employee numbers grow.

If you are looking for commercial office space, DeVono has a portfolio of office spaces in a variety of locations in and around London, such as rental offices in Old Street. The area is perfectly situated with plenty of road links and attractions nearby, and it is a particularly popular location for technology businesses.

How To Find Your Perfect London Office

View of The City of London on a sunny clear day

For any business, particularly a startup business, it is important to have a flexible approach. You need to be able to adapt to your employees, your customers, and other factors that may affect the success of your business if not addressed.

You may think your startup business will flourish if it is set up in a particular area of London; however, after trying out an office, it may turn out that you would be better established elsewhere. The flexibility of short-term agreements will allow you to move with ease.

Typically, where you decide to set up your business will depend on the sector you work in.

For example, Soho is home to the creative industries, Canary Wharf is popular for financial businesses, and Mayfair is an area where high-end retail brands are established.

DeVono helps to take away the stress of renting a flexible office space in London. Now, after reading this blog, you should be able to make an informed decision when choosing the right office space for your business.

As previously mentioned, your real estate journey can be made easier with the design and build servicethat DeVono offers. Dthree Studio (part of the DeVono group) is the creator of sustainable and forward-thinking office spaces, specifically designed to help businesses grow and succeed.

For more information about our office space rental options, get in touch with DeVono today.

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What Type Of Office Does A London Startup Need?

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