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How Businesses Are Using Office Spaces to Bring Teams Together

With hybrid working becoming the new norm for many businesses, the role of the office and its newfound purpose is still being assessed. The work-from-home approach has meant that five days in the office is a thing of the past, and many employees now have more autonomy over where they work. However, this style of a working model can lead to a disconnect from the business and therefore hurt culture and team morale.

With the right tools and resources, hybrid working can be highly effective. However, supporting your employees’ mental health, wellbeing and working needs is key to ensuring that they feel valued and appreciated by the business – even when working remotely.

Office spaces play a fundamental role in achieving this by acting as a central hub for teams to collaborate, communicate, innovate and even celebrate. Offices are no longer considered just a place to work; they are a destination for organisations to thrive. When teams come together to work as one, ideas get shared, problems get solved, decisions get made, and workflows become smoother. Most importantly, authentic and genuine relationships are formed, which boosts morale and develops desirable culture.

To combat the mental impact of an isolated workforce, office spaces are now being designed to make leaving our homes worthwhile. So to help you bring the ‘buzz’ back to your workplace and ensure your team feels connected to the business at all times, here are our top 5 must-have office areas:

Kitchen/breakout spaces

Breakout areas are becoming more desirable in the modern office as they provide employees with a different routine to the more traditional working day. Breakout areas provide an additional workspace for employees to take a much-needed break from their desks and recharge. A big enough breakout space helps build a great culture, but it can make the space work harder by being used as informal meeting rooms, collab spaces, hot desking, and the social time we all need and desire. Ultimately, breakout spaces can help companies look after the overall well-being of their employees and improve employee satisfaction.

Meeting / Quiet zones

Creating a space for collaboration is just as important as designing one for privacy. Quiet zones in the workplace allow office designers to create flexible working environments where employees are free to move around the space depending on the level of concentration and focus they need to complete a task. Moving between workspaces and entering a quiet zone allows employees to disengage and divide their workday. A modern office phone booth, for example, is an easy and cost-effective way to provide staff flexibility.

Bar / Events Space

After-work drinks can lead to relationship-building and cross-team communication. With careful design considerations, a bar or events space in your office has the potential to add a great deal of value to your office. A workplace bar can provide a place for employees to go to build and nurture relationships outside of structured work. This will promote a happier, healthier workforce with better teamwork and idea-sharing.

Outdoor areas

An inspiring work environment with a relaxing outdoor space has become a new model of the ideal office. Offering employees an opportunity to reconnect with nature at work can benefit their productivity and wellbeing. Prioritising employees’ happiness and job satisfaction is crucial for creating a successful business environment and culture. If employees spend day after day isolated in a building, they can easily lose enthusiasm. Providing them with an inspiring outdoor work area can truly make a difference and help cultivate a strong sense of belonging.

Onsite Gym

Having an onsite gym can make your employees feel more energised and motivated at work. Working out can help employees improve build their fitness, release any workplace stress and improve their mood. Having a fit lifestyle reduces their health risks and illness, resulting in reduced absenteeism. A corporate gym membership can boost employee motivation and ultimately their job satisfaction.

If you are on the hunt for a new office space in London that ticks these boxes, then we can help.

A large kitchen/Breakout Area – WeWork 51 Eastcheap

WeWork 51 Eastcheap

Located at the edge of The City, just north of the Thames right off London Bridge, WeWork Monument Station features 10 floors of office space in an area that blends past and present. Alongside an event space, fully equipped kitchen, outdoor space and café, 51 Eastcheap offers a breakout area that is decorated with custom murals and designed for informal working, break time and chat. This premium office setting is close to the Tube from Monument Station, Tower Hill, London Fenchurch Street, and Bank Station, making commuting a breeze. Your team will benefit from the wide variety of amenities and spaces that 51 Eastcheap has to offer, such as their breakout areas designed to promote comfort and creativity, turning it into a relaxing workspace worth commuting to.

A Variety of Meeting/Conference Rooms – Office Space in Town St Dunstan’s Hill

Town St Dunstan's Hill

Office Space in Town Monument, London, is a boutique serviced office centre located at St Dunstan’s Hill. This London business centre is designed with an award-winning nautical theme inspired by the luxury of Sunseeker yachts, and comes with a rooftop café, The Deck, with panoramic views of the Thames and the City. This serviced office has 15 boutique meeting and conference rooms, suiting all styles of business, each with a unique design following the nautical theme. These stylish meeting and conference spaces are bookable by the hour, making conferencing and running workshops and training sessions easy. Having easy access to meeting rooms can help companies encourage their employees to come into the office and be more present for in-person meetings and events.

Bar/ Events spaceThe Ministry Borough Road

The Ministry, Borough Road

The Ministry is a beautifully designed workspace for creative and technology businesses. Situated in an old Victorian printworks in London, SE1, The Ministry on Borough Road encompasses four floors of light, spacious offices, and two floors of shared club facilities. With drinks at the bar, masterclasses or lunch on the terrace, meet members from a diverse range of industries with serious pedigree. The Ministry offers a bar 70 feet in length, an outdoor terrace, a 40-seater cinema and an events space with a diverse events programme. Having a whole host of events in their bar, terrace and events space can help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance and find ways to have fun with their team outside of working hours!

Events space – Crown Estates One Heddon Street

One Heddon Street

One Heddon Street lies just off Regent Street, on the edge of Mayfair, Soho and St James’s. With world-class shopping, dining and lifestyle at every turn, you have the best of London on your doorstep. One Heddon Street has bookable meeting rooms and a varied and relevant events programme of exercise and wellbeing activities and networking events, putting the needs of its members first. Within their second-floor event space, they can facilitate a range of events from drinks receptions to formal theatre-style presentations to suit your requirements. Your company can make the most of these spaces in the office, with an event space being a great addition for networking, sharing and learning.

Outdoor areas – City Pavilion Cannon Green (Bush Lane)

City Pavilion Cannon Green (Bush Lane)

With Cannon Street station right next door, coming and going is a breeze, but Pavilion City Club connect in more ways than one. The view from their 12th-floor rooftop terrace gives you a new perspective on the City and the River Thames, and their concrete staircase connects Club members to their bike storage in the basement, lively bar, private business lounges, meeting rooms and quirky rooftop pods. Every summer regular members-only events are held including drinks receptions, sunrise yoga classes, TED-style talks and networking opportunities. This is a place to connect with opportunity and culture. Open-air work areas such as rooftops can considerably improve employees’ sense of wellbeing while adding more greenery – such as green walls and desk plants – can boost energy and reduce stress. Read our recent blog for our top 6 London offices with outdoor spaces.

Gym – The Office Group Eccleston Square

Thomas House in Eccleston Square is one of Pimlico’s most charming addresses and Thomas House takes up an imposing corner block. Although the building itself dates from the 1980s, its Regency style and proportions have been accentuated by SODA’s modern design. Thomas House includes a balance of premium amenities and working environments to support you. It features a lower ground floor gym that is fully equipped with weights, cardio and resistance equipment, with showers and changing rooms available, meaning that fitting in a workout on your lunch break has never been easier. Join onsite fitness classes, train with a personal trainer or drop into a rooftop yoga class during the warmer months.

Didn’t find what you were looking for and have no idea where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

It can be very overwhelming trying to establish your needs and the purpose of the office for your business.

Get in touch with one of our property advisors today and we can help you identify your unique requirements and talk you through the process.

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How Businesses Are Using Office Spaces to Bring Teams Together

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