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A Guide to Redesigning Your Office Space in the New Year

As the year draws to a close and the office quiets down during the Christmas holiday, it presents the perfect opportunity to redesign your office, addressing areas needing enhancement or modification.

Whether optimising productivity, aligning with a rebrand, or fostering a more dynamic work environment, the new year is an ideal time to breathe new life into the office space.

Redesigning office space is easy when you know how, which is why we have compiled some tips to help you with the process!

What Is An Office Redesign?

Office Redesign

An office redesign involves the transformation of the physical workspace to enhance its functionality, aesthetics, and overall productivity.

This process often includes replacing tired furniture, refreshing outdated wallpaper, and introducing new elements such as stylish lighting and ergonomic office chairs.

A need for redesign may be indicated by low productivity levels, prompting organisations to consider a revitalised and inspiring environment.

Beyond aesthetics, a redesign can strategically address distractions by altering the layout and incorporating screens to create dedicated workspaces.

Essentially, an office redesign is a comprehensive approach to modernising and optimising the workspace for improved efficiency and employee wellbeing.

Is An Office Redesign The Same As An Office Fit Out?

Office Redesign and Office Fit Out

The distinction between an office redesign and an office fit-out lies in the scope of the changes and the context of the work.

An office fit-out refers to the construction and design work conducted on a new office space, involving the transformation of a bare or previously unused area into a functional workspace.

In contrast, an office redesign is a process carried out on an existing office, aiming to enhance or modify the current layout, aesthetics, and functionality.

While a fit-out, or an office workplace design, entails creating an entirely new space, a redesign focuses on optimising and revitalising an already established work environment to meet evolving needs and standards.

Why Should You Have An Office Redesigned?


An office redesign becomes essential for several reasons, such as responding to a business’s evolving needs and goals.

If there’s a need to accommodate more employees in the coming year, an office redesign can optimise the existing space to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.

Rebranding is another significant factor that might prompt a redesign, aligning the office environment with the new brand identity.

Beyond practical considerations, an office redesign is an opportunity to create positive change, fostering a better and more modern workplace that inspires the team and enhances overall productivity.

How To Redesign Your Office Space

Redesign Office Space

At DeVono, we have a few tips on redesigning your office space to achieve optimum results.

Include Your Mission Statement

Integrating a mission statement into an office redesign is a strategic and impactful way to align the physical workspace with a business’s core values and objectives.

Having the mission statement at hand during the planning phase serves as a guide, helping to define goals and identify necessary changes. As a tangible reflection of the mission statement, the office becomes a space where employees can seamlessly align with the company’s values.

In the design plan, consider incorporating the actual mission statement, whether breaking it down on office walls as a constant reminder or integrating it into signage visible to employees and clients. This reinforces the message internally and communicates the company’s ethos to external stakeholders.

As a side note, when selecting furniture, ensure it aligns with the company’s values; for instance, opt for eco-friendly furnishings if sustainability is a core principle.

Create A Clear Plan

When embarking on an office redesign, having a clear and comprehensive plan is crucial for a successful transformation and staying within budget constraints.

It’s essential not to overlook any details and to carefully consider the present and future needs of the business and its employees. Anticipating potential team expansion and incorporating flexible designs to accommodate growth is critical to creating a workspace that remains relevant over time.

Remember that addressing small changes during the redesign process is more cost-effective than implementing adjustments later.

Define Office Areas

When contemplating an office redesign, thoughtful consideration of designated spaces is paramount to fostering a dynamic and effective work environment.

Beyond workstations, envisioning areas like meeting rooms, breakout spaces, event spaces, and quiet zones is essential. These designated spaces serve a dual purpose – encouraging collaboration while allowing individuals to work in a manner that suits them best.

Delving into the details and incorporating screens can offer privacy, while additions like plants or tall bookcases can define quiet zones conducive to focused work.

Providing employees with dividers between desks enhances productivity and ensures a sense of privacy in an open office setting.

An office redesign can optimise the workspace by strategically planning these designated spaces, promoting collaboration, individual work preferences, and employee wellbeing.

Bin Any Office Clutter

In redesigning an office, one of the most impactful steps is the removal of clutter, creating a clean slate for the new year.

Clearing away unnecessary items enhances the aesthetic appeal and makes room for additional desks and, consequently, more employees.

Decluttering extends beyond mere tidiness; it opens up valuable floor space, promoting increased manoeuvrability and contributing to a more organised and efficient workspace.

Create A Coffee Station

When redesigning an office, it’s essential to consider spaces that facilitate employee wellbeing.

Creating dedicated areas for relaxation is crucial, providing employees with a space to unwind and recharge during breaks. Prioritise hydration by ensuring easy access to water and coffee stations throughout the office.

A thoughtful addition could be incorporating sofas near the drink station, offering a comfortable and inviting space for employees to take a break, socialise, or find a moment of respite.

Incorporate Your Brand

An office that lacks uniqueness or exudes a drab atmosphere can deter clients and demotivate staff. Therefore, aligning the physical workspace with the company’s mission and values is imperative.

Consider a holistic update, transforming the office environment to reflect the brand essence. A striking way to achieve this is by painting the walls with the brand’s colours, visually representing the company’s identity. This reinforces the brand internally and serves as a powerful statement to clients, contributing to a cohesive and compelling brand image that resonates both inside and outside the organisation.

Hang Team Photos

An office redesign is an opportune time to boost staff morale and showcase the essence of your team.

Consider incorporating elements that celebrate your workforce, from highlighting team achievements to hanging team photos that foster a sense of unity. This not only elevates the morale within the team but also serves as a powerful demonstration to visitors and clients.

Your office becomes a tangible representation of what your business is made of, showcasing your team’s talent, collaboration, and dedication.

Consider Employee Wellbeing

When redesigning your office, infusing natural elements can significantly enhance the work environment. Consider incorporating plants, as they add a touch of greenery and contribute to improved air quality and a sense of wellbeing.

Embracing biophilic design, which integrates natural elements, has been shown to empower motivation and creativity among employees.

Hanging relaxing artwork can create a visually appealing and calming atmosphere.

Additionally, prioritise ergonomic furniture to ensure comfort and support for your team. Thoughtfully evaluate lighting options, whether introducing lamps for a cosy ambience or maximising natural light to promote a brighter and more energising workspace.

Finally, create spaces encouraging movement, aligning with clearing clutter for a more dynamic and agile office setting.

These considerations collectively contribute to a workspace that looks aesthetically pleasing and nurtures a positive and productive atmosphere.

Now, you have some office redesign ideas, so you should be well on your way to creating a perfect workspace for your employees.

As mentioned, a well-designed office can make all the difference in employee productivity and overall business success.

If, after reading this blog, you have decided to find new office space in London to align with your business needs, contact DeVono today. Our flexible and serviced office spaces are ideal for startups and well-established businesses; you won’t be tied into any long-term contacts and can quickly turn your space into a tangible reflection of your brand.

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