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Why You Should Rent Your Next Office in the City of London

When looking for the perfect office for your business, location can play an important role in finding your dream space. From prestige to transport links, the location of your office can influence how your employees and clients view your company.

Office rentals in London are an ideal place for your business to thrive, whether that be for your headquarters or a branch of your company – there are various affordable London office spaces for you to explore. In particular, the office spaces in the City of London provide a range of benefits for you to take advantage of. From transport links to amenities, having an office space in the City of London is a great choice for your business.

The City of London is the biggest business district within the city and has numerous tube station lines available for you and your staff to use when travelling, including the Northern Line, the Metropolitan Line and the Circle Line to name a few. It is the home of St. Paul’s Cathedral and is the host for many insurance, financial and law company offices.

Our City of London commercial area guide has a variety of office spaces on offer and provides you with more information about this area. You can also compare office space to rent through DeVono’s website so you can find the ideal office space for you within the city.

There are many office spaces to rent in London, so it is important that you find the one to fit all your business and employee needs. Take a look at our top 5 reasons for why renting an office in the City of London could benefit your business.

Reasons to Rent an Office in the City of London

1) Professional Skilled Workers

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When employing people for your business, you want to find the best person for the job to help your company to succeed. For many people, London provides the hope of better career opportunities in high-ranking businesses and better wages. There are more than 8 million people living in London itself, and people between their early twenties and early forties form 46.2% of the population of inner London. This means there are plenty of talented recruitment options if you want to expand your business and hire more staff.

London is also a great place for people who want to relocate for tech talent, whether from somewhere else in Britain or internationally. With access to 6 different airports, the Eurotunnel and overground train stations, the city is the ideal location for staff who travel nationally or internationally for business and for visiting clients from all over the country and the world.

2) Diverse Office Space

diverse office space

Not every office space will be the ideal fit for your business, and each organisation is unique in its set-up, needs and aspirations. If you want to rent an office in London, there are various types of office space available, meaning you can find the one that meets your business’s specific requirements.

Types of Office Space

  • Serviced office space: Designed to be cost-effective, serviced office space already has furniture and WiFi for you to use, allowing you a quick and easy start when you move in.
  • Managed offices: These are ideal for people who want a hybridised version of serviced office space and traditional office leasing. You can personalise the space for your company and they are ideal for larger businesses that need more room.
  • Short-term leases: These leases tend to last 1-3 years and offer more flexibility with office space than their long-term counterparts. They are suited to startup businesses that are not ready to commit to longer periods of time. One type of short-term lease is the sub-lease, which is where the original tenant no longer requires the office space and you can use it for the remainder of the lease. This means the amount of time you have in this office space will depend on how long is left on the current lease.
  • Long-term leases: Unlike short-term leases, this type lasts for over 5 years. They can have cheaper monthly payments due to the long-term commitment you are making to the property, and therefore the landlord.
  • Co-working space: Instead of working solely with people within your company, co-working spaces have people from different businesses all working in the same room.
  • Traditional office leasing: This type of leasing means you have the office space for an agreed time period, usually for a minimum of three years, and requires you to sign a lease from the landlord. You can make the space your own, but there is minimal, if any, flexibility if the size of your business changes during the timeframe of the lease.

3) Improved Image

Skyscrapers of the City of London in England

First impressions are important and can shape building relationships between your business and your clients. Having office space within the City of London can be a great way to help with those initial exchanges and give your company the best chance of having a good relationship with your clients going forward.

Many businesses consider London to be the heart of the UK, so having your business here can increase your credibility when interacting with your clients and other businesses, especially if they are located elsewhere in the world. This means they are more likely to take you seriously when you pitch your ideas or make deals with them and can be less inclined to hesitate when deciding to work with you.

4) Business Opportunities

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Since it is the biggest business district in London, the City of London has a vast array of business opportunities for you to access. In the city, you are surrounded by other businesses in different industries and sectors, so there are a range of professionals with an array of skills who you can speak with and learn from. This gives you the chance to implement your new knowledge and improve your business.

Not only can you speak with some of the best business mentors and minds, but using co-working spaces also means you can communicate with neighbouring businesses and expand your network. Shared spaces allow you to interact with the people around you, not all of whom may work within your company, and you can help each other with your respective establishments. This is especially relevant if you and the people you are with are from various business backgrounds, so you can approach interactions with different information and strengths.

After the City of London, Canary Wharf is one of the main financial centres in the UK. A lot of major businesses can be found in the area, and the range of offices it offers can help you find the ideal space for your business. Take a look at the Canary Wharf office space DeVono have available.

5) Premium Address

Iconic red British mailbox in a city

It is best known for potential clients to gain their initial impressions of a business from its address, so it is important that you do what you can to impress any clients that may come your way.

Having an address in London can make your business appear more premium and legitimate to clients, especially international clients, which can help your establishment appear more professional. This can help your company to stand out against your competitors and you may increase your opportunities to gain more clients in the future.

The City of London isn’t the only location with a premium address. Other affluent areas in London also come with a reputable postcode that can benefit your business. Take a look at our Notting Hill office spaceKnightsbridge office space and Mayfair office space to see which commercial areas and their respective offices would best suit your business.

If you want to rent an office in London, there are many options you can choose from to find your ideal space. DeVono can help you find your perfect office space in the city, using a workplace strategy that is specifically designed for your business. Take a look and see how we can help you find the London office space you need for your business today.

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Why You Should Rent Your Next Office in the City of London

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