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Enhancing workplace mental health

Mental health and wellbeing, particularly in light of COVID-19, should be central to the awareness of all businesses, and particularly senior management. However, many businesses are struggling to implement impactful mental health and wellbeing strategies. According to the Centre for Mental Health, almost a fifth of England’s population will need mental health support as a result of COVID-19. Organisations must adapt to the coronavirus pandemic and stay informed of its implications for their employees while also paying attention to devising a workplace and commercial real estate strategy fit for the futureHowever, in light of the Centre of Mental Health research, we at DeVono thought that it might be helpful to share our thoughts on aiding mental health in the workplace.  

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Tips & Tricks to help the mind  

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Brain exercises help your mental health and fitness in the same way your body benefits from physical exercise. If your body receives a low amount of physical activity, you will feel lethargic and sluggish – the same happens with your brain. For most of us, our routine is the same day in and day out. Indeed, this is particularly true when working from home, and this is why it’s important to shake our routine up from time to time. There are two parts in making an activity brainstimulating – an activity must be both novel and complex. 

Exercising helps your mind to be at its mental best for now, and also protects you against memory loss in the future. 

Below is a list of benefits you can expect to receive, although you cannot expect to get all of this from just one activity. 

  • Less stress 
  • Better memory 
  • A more positive mood 
  • Increased focus and concentration 
  • Boost in motivation and productivity 
  • Faster thinking 
  • Greater self-confidence 

Some examples of brain exercises include: 

  • Switching hands to your non-dominant hand results in increased brain activity and gives your brain a good workout 
  • Eating lunch with chopsticks will force you to eat mindfully, which is good for your brain, digestion, and calorie consumption 
  • Reading aloud engages the imagination differently – one of the earliest demonstrations of brain imaging clearly showed three distinct brain regions lighting up when the same word was read, spoken, or heard. 
  • If you are going into the office, take a new route to work as being on an unfamiliar route activates the cortex and hippocampus. 

We like these apps as fun aides to training your brain. Although it’s best to avoid this before bedtime – the blue light could impact your sleep. 

  • Lumosity 
  • Cognifit Brain Training 
  • Peak 
  • Elevate 
  • Fit Brains Trainer 
  • Cognito 

Return to the office 

Return to office meeting

COVID-19 has established more than ever that the well-being and health (physical and mental) of staff is of paramount importance as they are the most valuable asset for most businesses. Although the current UK government guidance is encouraging people to work from home if they can, Zoom fatigue has set in for many, with office workers choosing to work from the office for at least a couple of days every weekFor employees that are going back to the office for the first time, it could prove to be taxing, and employers should ensure they are doing all they can to alleviate employee anxiety about returning to the workplace.  

Throughout 2020, DeVono has worked with a large number of businesses to help them assess their return to the office strategy. We have produced a return-to-the-office risk assessment that focuses on people, work-style, location, and more, to help businesses smoothly return to the workplace when and where it is safe to do so.  

At DeVono, we have introduced hybrid working and our staff can now enjoy a better work-life balance. Walso offer an Employee Assistance Programme for mental health and wellbeing that also gives them access to a 24-hour counselling helplineam a Mental Health First Aider and work closely on devising new ideas to enhance staff welfare. We have also ensured that our staff continue to engage together as a team outside of office hours, albeit safely. We are currently participating in a staff-wide challenge, raising funds to support the charity, Mindwho work on mental health.  

The pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of young and old alike. However, by providing additional resources and support to your staff, especially in times like these when they need it the most, will only help enhance the productivity of your employees and boost their morale.  

If your business needs to discuss the return-to-the-office risk assessment or how DeVono can help you with your future workplace strategy in the ‘new normal’, then we stand ready to help. You can contact us at 020 7096 9911 or 

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Enhancing workplace mental health

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