The Commercial Real Estate Journey

Consultancy Service

Our clients are frequently wrestling with significant strategic challenges which influence, impact and determine their property decisions. The DeVono response has been to create a consultancy service designed to help support and help deliver a robust set of outcomes aimed at providing the optimum results, whatever the challenge.

This map of our services demonstrates the full commercial real estate journey an occupier could go through when evaluating its footprint – and how our portfolio of services has been designed to guide you through the entire process.

devono consultancy service

We help our clients consider the relationship between, property decisions and their people, the impact it can have on their clients and how their business could be affected by specific choices around property.

At all times, we provide oversight and guidance through the often complex process. Whether in relation to a one off transaction or a strategic portfolio review, DeVono is positioned in a unique place, being able provide impartial and expert consultancy through to delivery.

We work with high profile clients from all sectors. Our clients choose to work with us because they value the support that we are able to offer, having evolved out of Big 4 consultancy, whilst at the same time being able to keep our advice and support anchored to the reality of the property market and our intimate knowledge of how it works. Acting as a trusted advisor, partnering with clients and behaving as ‘one of the team’ are the behaviours that we see our clients valuing hugely.

Operating with a clear governance structure and respecting the sensitivity and confidentiality of our mandates, the DeVono approach to delivering consultancy services is designed to allow full consideration of the art of the possible and then map out the delivery of a developed and finalised brief. Ultimately, we believe that every successful project can trace its routes back to the preparations made at the start.

Asking the difficult questions, challenging the preconceptions and offering ideas all help to shine a light on the options and create a platform for making a positive impact through property.

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The Commercial Real Estate Journey

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