The continued impact of COVID-19 knows no bounds. First and foremost, there is the terrible loss of life. Then there is the impact on economies, and the knock-on effects that this in turn has on health – it is a vicious, vicious circle.

Even as 2021 begins to unfold, and we are once again nationally ‘locked down’, a rapidly growing number of businesses are now fighting for their own lives, as they continue to suffer from significantly reduced commercial activity. Despite fiscally supportive measures from governments globally being implemented to a scale that has never before been witnessed, many organisations are still struggling to cope. Many are failing. Many will not cope. Since the first UK lockdown back in March last year, we have helped our clients and businesses in every way possible and will continue to do so in 2021.

Our core principles are the behaviours that underpin the way we do things. One of these principles especially stands out –Together. Accordingly, we continue to offer pro bono support to commercial occupiers. In 2020 alone, we reached out to over 25,000 businesses in the UK. If your organisation needs help or advice in dialogue with your landlord regarding the financial covenants in your commercial property lease(s) – please get in touch.

DeVono has weathered several storms over the past 18 years – we have navigated our way through them each time by evolving and by learning, and by applying our conscience to the circumstances and to our clients. As the UK’s leading occupier-only commercial property advisory firm, we specialise in providing real estate solutions that support our clients’ overall business objectives. We are committed to that goal, and benefit from a deep pool of experience at helping commercial occupiers to make smart property decisions that positively impact your business.

In 2021, we will continue to track UK Government guidance and campaign through this crisis to extend the business rates holiday to companies across all sectors. An extension of the business rates holiday is critical to a vast number of businesses, and could be the difference between surviving the pandemic, or not. Please sign the petition.

We are confident that we will transition through this with the support of one another. We are in this together. Take care, and stay safe.