Thinking strategically, acting objectively

We are award-winning commercial property advisors who only ever advise occupiers. Finding the right premises for you and your business and helping you dispose of any commercial property liabilities forms part of our offering. However, we go about it in a radically different way.
In a market riddled with conflicts of interest and where loyalties are traditionally with landlords, we pioneered tenant only representation. It's why we don't work on behalf of landlords. Our sole responsibility is to you, the occupier. It is because we have no conflict of loyalties that we are able to achieve the most competitive terms for our clients.
It sounds simple, yet like all simple things it takes experience, expertise and determination like ours to get them right. That's why we consistently acquire more offices for businesses than any other property company in London.
We are the industry leaders in tenant representation, that's all and everything we do.
It's what makes us different.

We help you define your commercial property needs by first understanding your business issues, drivers and ambitions. Then we use our expertise to outline a fully integrated approach to meeting those needs. We only ever advise occupiers, never landlords, which means that we are always objective and conflict free in the strategies we build and the transactions that we recommend.

By focusing solely on occupier issues, we give our clients a competitive advantage in landlord-tenant negotiations. We use our expertise and experience to help reduce costs, streamline operations and enhance the performance of employees in line with client business goals.

Wherever you are in the real estate life cycle, whatever the size or complexity of your project, our professionals will address your strategic needs and seek to build a strategy to best support your business. We deploy the best practices that we’ve developed and refined from our extensive experience, and we are dedicated to achieving the most competitive lease terms.

We can help you find the right premises for your business, review and renegotiate your current lease arrangements, help you dispose of any commercial property liabilities, and much more.



• Commercial real estate strategy and analysis

• Office sourcing and acquiring

• Lease renewals

Rent reviews

• Lease regears and break option analysis

Office disposals (exclusively for occupiers)

Building surveys


Office purchasing




Needs assessment
We meet you to discuss your business and identify the challenges or opportunities that might affect your commercial property needs, both immediately and in to the future.

Workplace evolution
We will present you with all the options, including those you may not have thought of, based on changes we see in the very latest workplace best practice. The overall aim is to better align your new space to your requirements and the culture you wish to retain or enhance.

We help you understand how much time is required for each part of the process, and then we work out a timetable for the entire project, from the location search, to lease negotiations, to the design, build, and eventual move-in.

Brand image
An office space says a lot about your brand. What kind of space do you need? How large should the work areas be? What features are important? We work with you to fit the space to the personality of your company and the expectations of your employees.



We help you navigate the complexities involved in any commercial property transaction by fully managing the selection process, and then weighting the many variables against the business goals that you have defined.

Types of Leases Include

  • Long term office space
  • Short term office space
  • Shared office space
  • Flexible office space
  • Temporary office space
  • Co-working office space


Office availability report
We identify the on- and off-market buildings or sites that fit your criteria, making sure that the options are within your budget.

Once we have identified potential offices, we arrange and accompany you on a tour of those options, so that we can help you appreciate the pros and cons of each. This also helps us to constantly refine our understanding of precisely what it is you want.

Feasibility and cost planning
Depending on how you plan to use your space, some will work better than others. We help you determine the buildings which lend themselves to the workplace you have in mind, summarising the financial costs and incentives of each one, whether you are looking for long term office space or something more flexible.

Landlord requests for proposals
When leasing office space with us, we shortlist your favourite options and solicit offers from the various landlords, including the costs, amenities, allowances and any incentives that might enhance the potential tenancy.

Financial analysis
With offers from the landlords in hand, we then assess each proposal from a financial standpoint, comparing like for like so we can arrive at a recommendation.

Negotiate and complete
Any decision you make when moving, renewing, regearing or disposing of office space will result in significant costs and liabilities for your business. To ensure these are covered, we consider in excess of 21 separate points of negotiation in any transaction, regardless of the size of the property.

Once all the offers are on the table, we will negotiate the terms on your behalf, using our detailed knowledge of the market to secure the very best financial and leasing terms possible. We then work with your legal representatives during the conveyancing process and help tie together all aspects of the project to ensure a successful completion.

To find out more about how we can help with leasing office space for your business, call +44 (0)20 7096 9911, or start your search now.


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