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Office Space in Baker Street, London

Famous for being the street lived on by one Mr. Sherlock Holmes and friend Dr. Watson in the well-known detective series, the Baker Street area of London can be quite a popular destination for tourists, and a hot-spot for business. Renting or purchasing office space on or around Baker Street can be a wise choice today..

In the Marylebone district of the City of Westminster in London, Baker Street is always bustling with excitement. It is a high traffic area. It is conveniently served on the London Underground by Baker Street tube station, which makes the area easily accessible for customers traveling in from out of town. The architecture itself is timeless and has been well-preserved over the years, while many of the buildings have been modernized. Originally this area was mostly residential, but now it is filled with commercial properties and businesses of many kinds. Finding something that will suit any taste is not a problem in this part of London.

Due to its accessibility and status as one of the busiest thoroughfares in the city, Baker Street has evolved to become one of the best locations in for renting or purchasing London office space.

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Office Space in Baker Street | Commercial Property Baker Street Offices