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Office Space Near Southwark Tube Station | Commercial Property Southwark

Office Space in Southwark | Commercial Property Southwark

Office Space in Southwark, London

Located within easy walking distance of a number of Jubilee and Northern line tube stations in South London, Southwark is an attractive location for businesses looking for office space or commercial property to rent or buy. In addition to the three nearby tube stations (Southwark, London Bride, and Borough) the area is easy to access from almost anywhere in London. It is near to Bermondsay, a part of London which is fast gaining popularity as a new, hip neighborhood with fashionable retail and restaurant opportunities, but Southwark is also a quiet area with many businesses that are already enjoying what this rich, historic district has to offer.

Only a short walk from the Thames and the reconstructed Globe Theatre, Southwark is distant enough from major tourist attractions to allow a normal office space environment, while still being an attractive area for any company or individual who wishes to set up commercial space. Below Union Street and The Cut, Southwark is full of winding, classic London streets and its architecture is a blend of historic and modern.

Southwark offers good value for businesses seeking London office space or commercial property, as it is just far enough from tourist districts to bring prices down.


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Office Space in Southwark Tube Station

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