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Office Space near Waterloo Tube Station

On London’s South Bank, away from the rush and bustle of the City and Westminster but still easily accessible with stellar public transport links to the South East of England, office space and commercial property in Waterloo should be in high demand with any business looking to find good value and easy accessibility with nearby cultural institutions.

Both Network Rail and the London Underground connect to Waterloo, with bus transport serving all of South London. There are a number of theatres (the Young and Old Vic theatres) and galleries (the Saatchi Gallery, the Tate Modern) within easy walking distance, and corporate clients will be impressed by the proximity of the London Eye and the sweeping vistas which open up before them from its apex.

Waterloo is a safe area where nine-to-five workers will find easy and pleasurable places to frequent at mealtimes, and after work there are plenty of nearby pubs and other diversions which offer ample opportunity for office events.

London’s South Bank is undergoing a renaissance of sorts at present, and office space or commercial property locations in Waterloo makes sense not only for the workers for that company, but also for potential clients who will pass by.


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Office Space Near Waterloo Tube Station

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