We don't walk away once we've helped you to secure the right commercial property. Having successfully relocated more businesses into new offices in London over the last nine years than any other property company, we're on standby to help make the planning of your move and implementation of your new working environment meet you and your employees expectations through our Project Management Services team.

A worryingly large number of businesses report facing particular frustrations around the co-ordination of their move. Even more worryingly, almost half of all businesses have made mistakes during relocating that have damaged their business performance.

Because companies only move on average every 5 years, most businesses don't realise the logistical minefield of moving or have the internal resources and expertise to handle it. We do. That's why we help you get into your new office on time, and on budget.

With every office relocation or refurbishment involving approximately 120 distinct processes and with very few businesses having the internal experience and specific project management skills needed to deliver a seamless move, DeVono have the team in place to make this happen.

We act as your independent and expert advisor, organising, running and implementing all the necessary processes.

We cut through the jargon found in supplier quotes and tender documents to assess which suppliers provide the best value and the highest level of commitment and service.

By identifying your needs as well as your business priorities we instantly reduce the scope for confusion and simplify the moving process. Which means we provide you with an unbiased and professional project management service, supporting you across critical areas.

We don't believe in taking any element of business, or any client relationship for granted. Nor do we believe in simply falling back on our outstanding track record. It's outstanding because we actively review everyone's performance, including our own, and use client feedback to constantly improve our service.

To find out more about how we can help with your relocation to a new London office space, contact us at: info@devonocresa.com Or please call us on 020 7096 9911.

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