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Stamp Duty on Commercial Properties

Stamp duty land tax (SDLT) is charged as a percentage of the amount paid for property or land when it is bought or when commercial lease is transferred. The higher the value of the transaction, the higher the stamp duty land tax rate you’ll be likely to pay. The amount you’ll need to pay will vary depending on whether the property is sold as leasehold or freehold.

How does our Stamp Duty Calculator work?

This stamp duty calculator is intended to help commercial property occupiers to calculate the level of stamp duty payable for acquiring a new commercial property in London.

It’s important to note that the calculation we provide is not a quotation but a guide to the likely level of stamp duty you’ll need to pay on a new commercial lease in England and Wales. The figures may vary according to particular circumstances of a given case.

Calculating Stamp Duty on your new London office

So we can provide you with the closest guide to the stamp duty rates you’ll be likely to pay on your new London office, you’ll need the following information; the length of your lease in years, and the total annual rental cost for each year of the lease.

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