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Office Space and Commercial Property near Barbican Tube Station

Office Space near Barbican Tube Station

Left devastated by the effects of heavy bombing during the Second World War, the Barbican Estate underwent an extensive rebuild during the 1960s and 1970s. Laden with intriguing architecture, this London district became a residential area after the reconstruction work. However, in the modern era the office space the area offers has become popular with businesses in the financial sector, as well as creative organisations.

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Situated right at the heart of the city of London – a key factor behind its popularity with financial institutions – the area is upscale yet considerably quieter than some of London’s other highly talked-about districts. It enables companies with commercial property in the area to quietly go about their daily internal workings without the hustle and bustle of modern city life; this though doesn’t make the Barbican Estate and its surrounding areas any less vibrant or fascinating.

It’s also served by an array of high-quality transport links, making it the ideal location for out-of-city commuters to get to without too much trouble. The Barbican tube station, for example, runs between Farringdon and Moorgate; this factor allows employees from outside of London to commute via mainline rail to Moorgate, from which they can get on the underground to the Barbican tube station. These reliable rail links are great for clients too – enabling them to commute to important meetings from all over the UK with a minimum amount of trouble.

As well as being served by the Barbican tube station there are a number of bus routes that regularly run through Barbican.

Businesses looking for office space in the Barbican area can expect to find a whole range of fantastic options. Ranging from the Brutalist tower blocks the area has become synonymous with to slightly more modern spaces, there’s something for all businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small start-up, looking for a first piece of commercial property in London, or a more established firm, wanting to expand, we at DeVono can help you find the best option.

Blessed with a number of wonderful arts facilities and great restaurants, Barbican is not short of entertainment options to impress both clients and employees with.

One of these facilities, the Barbican Centre, also happens to be Europe’s largest performing arts centre. Spectacular dance and theatre performances, intriguing art installations and wonderful music events are never short in supply, meaning that businesses can really leave a lasting good impression on their most important clients. Meanwhile, the great restaurants in the area provide succulent dishes and act as some of London’s best meeting venues.

We at DeVono operate slightly differently when sourcing and locating Barbican office space. Instead of working for the landlord, we work on your behalf. This means that the needs of your business are of paramount importance to us and are, as such, given precedence. So if you’re looking, for example, for an office located near to the Barbican tube station, we’ll use our resources to locate and then secure the best deal possible for your business. We also communicate with third parties too – another factor that helps us to focus on negotiating the best possible deal.

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