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Moorgate is home to many companies in the financial and recruitment sector due to the area being situated so close to the City of London – itself a major financial hub.

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Why Choose Moorgate Office Space?

What better location for office space in London than the area known as the financial centre of the city? That’s the advantage of Moorgate, which offers easy access by means of the Moorgate Tube Station. The tube station offers commuters an efficient alternative to road transport.

Halfway between Broadgate and Barbican, Moorgate is an area in the City of London and the location for some of the most prominent banking and finance companies in London. The area has numerous restaurants, bars and an ever-increasing retail presence, which caters to the working population during the weekdays – though the streets of Moorgate are mostly quiet during the weekends.

Even the landmarks located in Moorgate have to do with business, including the Chartered Accountants Hall and the BP Headquarters. So, if you’re looking for a building or piece of floor space in an area recognised as one of the top business locations in London, then the area of Moorgate is ideal.

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