Office Space Fleet Street

Why Fleet Street Office Space?

Fleet Street, located in the City of London, is rich with history, intrigue and legends. Until the 1980s, the street was home to the British newspaper industry, and is also famously featured on the British Monopoly board. Nowadays the street is still known for its journalistic associations, and many publishing or news-related businesses still use Fleet Street office buildings. In common with the rest of the City of London, several banks and law firms also choose office space in Fleet Street as their business headquarters.

In the collective memory of the British public, the street remains so inextricably attached to the newspaper trade that ‘Fleet Street’ is almost universally used as shorthand for the print and news industry itself. But the well-known connections don’t end there. Fleet Street has been featured in numerous novels, films and songs, and is associated with many historical figures. Because of its status as one of the most famous areas in the capital, leasing or purchasing Fleet Street real estate could be a shortcut to a world-class reputation.

Modern-day Fleet Street is a world of sharp suits and focused business attitudes. It’s a palladium of productivity, profit and performance. But situated between the commercial office buildings are numerous shops and characterful pubs. Some of the public houses date back many years, and many cultivate an ambience that belies their location in one of the world’s busiest financial districts.

Travelling to Fleet Street

Commuters will find public transport links that make it easy to travel to every corner of the capital by road or rail. Temple, Blackfriars and Chancery Lane tube stations are nearby, as is the City Thames link railway station, which takes travellers from Kent into the heart of the capital. The nearby Bank station provides a direct link from to London City Airport – perfect for long-distance business trips.

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