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Office Space and Commercial Property near Cannon Street Tube Station

Office Space and Commercial Property near Cannon Street Tube Station

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Running almost parallel to the River Thames, Cannon Street has, at various points in its history, been at the centre of a number of industries – with businesses from the fabric wholesale and candle-making trades occupying property on or around the street. The latter of these industries even provided Cannon Street with its first title, Candelwrichstrete – the Middle English phrase for ‘candle-maker street’ – which was first recorded at the end of the 12th century.

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Conveniently positioned in the south of London’s main financial hub – the City of London – and with the Bank of England just a short distance away, the office space situated on Cannon Street is an attractive option for businesses within the financial sector.

Businesses looking to make the move to a new London office won’t be disappointed with the options that Cannon Street has to offer. There’s a real mix of modern and more traditional architectural styles in the area; you’ll find business centres, offering multiple floors of office space, as well as considerably smaller pieces of commercial property – ideal for those less-established firms.

Utilising our expertise in offices in London, we at DeVono can help your business find an office that meets all its most important requirements – regardless of its size. Whether your business is growing rapidly and looking for a new building as part of an expansion or you’re simply looking for a first location in London, DeVono can help.

Those companies with office space on Cannon Street can also benefit significantly when it comes to building a good relationship with valuable clients. The Monument, St Paul’s Cathedral and The Millennium Bridge are all within easy walking distance; though slightly different to the usual forms of entertaining undertaken by businesses, a trip to, for example, St Paul’s Cathedral – complete with its English Baroque design elements – is the perfect opportunity to show off the best of the City and take some time out for informal business discussions.

Cannon Street and its surrounding areas are also blessed with a selection of fine restaurants and gastropubs, which a business could also use to its advantage when a client’s in the city. Tucked out of the way, The Vintry, for example, is one of Cannon Street’s hidden treasures; its dramatic interior is complemented by a menu serving up wonderful seasonal English cuisine.

Any business considering an office in the city is ideally going to want to be situated in an area blessed with good transport links. Being where it is in the City of London, Cannon Street is served by a variety of very reliable modes of public transport. The local Cannon Street tube station – positioned underneath the mainland station – is the most used one.

However, as well as Cannon Street tube station, the area also sits in close proximity to Bank tube station and Mansion House tube station, providing workers with multiple access routes each day. Buses regularly run through the area too and are ideal for those making the daily commute; these routes also enable employees to get to meetings across the city with little hassle.

Rather than working on the behalf of a landlord, DeVono works a little differently; we work on your behalf and your behalf only. This commitment sets us apart from other commercial property estate agents. If you’re looking for that perfect office, positioned in close proximity to Cannon Street tube station, for example, you can rely on DeVono to negotiate a fantastic deal on your behalf.

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