The London Commercial Real Estate Market UpdaTE

The Occupier 2021 Outlook 


In the latest edition of our quarterly report, The Occupier, we bring you a comprehensive analysis of the London office market in 2020, as well as our outlook for 2021. 

The office as a concept has continually evolved through the ages, but the events of 2020 have supercharged its evolution, as well as our expectations of it. The longer we have stayed away from the office, the greater our appreciation has grown for what, in its best version of itself, it can do for a business and its workforce. In this report, we take the opportunity to reflect on how London’s office market in particular has fared, and how the events of last year have influenced the market dynamics for those who have upcoming workplace decisions in 2021, 2022 and beyond. 

The need for information, data and robust market analysis has become increasingly integral to commercial property decision making, not least of all during periods of abnormal stress and change. This is where DeVono deploys its insights. We support tenants to ensure that their office’s footprint is a place that is inspiring to staff and clients alike, reflective of their culture and their values, purposeful, productive, and fundamentally of true business benefit to them. Now perhaps more than ever before, it’s crucial that a workplace is (or rapidly becomes) aligned to, and reflective of, your unique and nuanced business goals, as well as the identity of your workforce.

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