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Office space calculator

Planning before you begin your search for a new office can save you a significant amount of time. Accurately working out how much office space per person you require, or the amount of office space needed for circulation space, can be extremely complicated – every organisation’s requirements are different.

Here, at DeVono Cresa, we’ve used our expertise as London’s most active office finders and negotiators to make your search for a new office simple.

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With our office space calculator you can select the types of spaces your prospective office requires, how big they need to be, and the number needed to accommodate your businesses’ requirements. It’s easy to use and the results it delivers are based on our years of knowledge and experience in the London commercial property sector.

Input your information into our office space calculator, and we’ll instantly provide you with a calculation of how much space you will require. With a clearer idea of your floor space requirements, you can begin your search. We’ll also link you to all of the offices in London currently available that match your criteria.

Begin your search today with our office space planner.

Input your businesses’ requirements into our office space calculator today to see a selection of the available commercial properties in London. Whether you’re looking for office space per person or by types of featured internal office areas, start your search with us today!


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Office space planning and space auditing

Please note: the figures provided by our office space calculator are for indication purposes only. This information isn’t a substitute for the services of our property consultants. If you require guidance with your office space plan, a more detailed space audit or to talk in greater detail about your businesses’ move, please contact us for more information.

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Office space planning

Office space planning is an extremely important, but often overlooked requirement for any business looking to relocate to or expand with a new office. In recent studies, employees cited the workplace as the factor that impacts most on their productivity. If your employees aren’t happy, then you won’t be either.

As London's premier office finders, we like to consider the needs of your staff as well as the needs of your business before we recommend you commercial office space in London. We look at office space planning as part of our service to help you find properties that meet your businesses’ day-to-day requirements.

Our experienced team offer advice and guidance on creating an office floor plan that makes the best use of the available space and fully accommodates your staff.

Recent office floor plan trends

In recent times, office floor plan trends have shown businesses’ leaning towards open-plan layouts. The open office space plan eliminates the obvious hierarchical structure represented by large-offices for management and small-cubicles for everyone else. With office floor plans of this kind, employees and their managers can openly communicate without the barrier imposed by physical walls.

In order to create a productive workspace, an office primarily needs to be designed for functionality. For example, particular areas can be designated to serve certain functions, such as an open hub-style space, where groups of employees can meet freely to discuss and generate fresh ideas.

Lighting has also been highlighted as an influential factor in an employee's morale - bright and harsh lighting can cause distraction, low morale and even physical discomfort. Conversely, lighting that is too low can make work difficult to complete. Research suggests that the correct level of lighting can not only increase productivity but, if tied in as part of a 'going green' scheme, can even boost employee morale by giving them a sense of purpose and responsibility.

As commercial property experts with years’ of industry experience, we know the office space planning regulations and guidelines. We also keep ourselves up-to-date with developing office floor plan trends.

DeVono Cresa has advised many clients on planning before a big move. To find out more on how we can help and advise you on office space planning or a prospective move, please call us without obligation on 020 7096 9911. Alternatively, fill out our enquiry form.