With our office space calculator, you can select the types of spaces you require, it’s easy to use and the results will help provide a guide on how much space you may need.

We also have a team of design and build specialists – Dthree who provide a full office space analysis service

Space Analysis:

  • The team will help you understand the operational needs and aspirations of your business
  • Analyse current space usage
  • Discuss you projected future business expansion plans
  • Conduct storage and filing audits
  • Assess IT and Comms requirements
  • Review Budget guidelines and financing solutions

For more information on planning your office move or expansion, contact the team 020 7096 9911 or info@devono.com

Input your information into our office space calculator, and we’ll instantly provide you with a calculation of how much space you will require. With a clearer idea of your floor space requirements, you can begin your search. We’ll also link you to all of the offices in London currently available that match your criteria.

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